In case you were interested…

We have narrowed the name down to THREE options.

And, decided that our son shall collect ‘dogs’.¬† Dinosaurs and Snoopy are an acceptable alternatives.

His room shall be primary colors with inspirations by Britto and Speed Racer.

Note: The girls rooms is an explosion of pink and pastels with accents by Kachan and all things Disney Princess… Animals¬†involved are bears, elephants and monkeys.

2 Responses to “In case you were interested…”

  1. JoAnne Says:

    Thoroughly enjoy your blogs, loved the short video, wait patiently for the POTW and view the collages over and over. It’s almost as good as being there but so very quiet! I did some researh on Britto. Did you purchase “Ginger” for your son? And, do you think you could share those three names you are protecting? I promise I won’t vote! Anyway, Happy New Year to all of you! See you in February.

  2. Michael Says:

    No, not “ginger”….”best friends”.

    BTW, December picts will be up probably tomorrow.

    February can not come soon enough for MA.

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