New day, new blog.

I’m currently sitting in the KCI airport due to a flight delay. Of course, I got notified of this 10 minutes after I had already left the house… Looks like mechanical difficulties as there are no weather conditions and no connection issues (it is direct flight). Wait. There appears to be some sort of outage at the airport so they can’t talk to plans. Well, didn’t they see Die Hard 2? I’m trying not to be irritated that I had to get up early, miss breakfast just to sit in a marginally comfortable chair.

Plus, my PC is sort of broken (the space bar doesn’t always work) and that further irks me.

Anyway, the last week was mostly full of travel, both plane and car. I’m not a fan. Thank goodness I don’t do sales for a living. Speaking of which, I did change roles at the company. I’ve not even taken over officially and the flood of issues has already hit my inbox. I’m not sure this was a great idea but then again, I am not sure I really had a lot of choice….Oh well, it is what it is. Less travel is one benefit – maybe the only one. The other good news is that this area is so messed up, that I do have hero potential.  Then again, it will take a surely Herculean effort to turn it around.  You know, if it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger.  I’ll definitely have to eat my Wheeties since I’ve been coasting a little for a long while. What does this mean to all of you? Probably less blog and picture time.

What else…Meghan seems to be over the fire ant incident. Her hand looks really ugly but it does not seem to bother her much. She’s a trooper except when pushed over by her sister. We have taken the Christmas photo so there will be a card this year. We were going to do just the children but alas we polluted it with ourselves. Maybe we will do another one but given the hassle of having them actually both look at the camera, I sort of doubt it.

It was a good putter week. Winding down on the initial collection surge – mainly driven by VISA. The copper Newport was acquired however under the wire (even if I had to get it from Denmark). The putter page has been updated with pictures. After hounding the web every minute until open to the public, I was able to also acquire the Halloween head cover from Scotty Cameron (they sell it to members for 48 hours first and not all things make it to the public offering). Anyway, he sprinkled in 100 “special” edition ones at random and I got TWO of them. That helps cover the cost of some other purchases. Collectors are crazy people. Head cover collectors are worse than beanie babies.

Okay, that part of the blog was a couple of days ago.

I’m back in KC now. It was 70 yesterday and it is snowing now. Well, more sleeting icy crap. They say only an inch or so but cold for the next week. Not sure who they are trying to kid. It will be cold for the next several months.

The xmas mania is in full swing. Tons of catalogs and emails. Plus, the black Friday spy ads are making their way to the internet. If you ever wanted a flat panel TV, Friday is the day to get one. Sort of cheesed we are not in the new house since I would go get one myself. New things are cool. I wrestle with the possibility of a new DVD player. I hate the one we have but I KNOW that the blu-ray ones will drop by 50% next year as soon as the death of the HD-DVD format is official (matter of time, read it here…). Disney says they will only do blu-ray and that mouse has some big retail cohonies. Too bad Toshiba… Anyway, I have not seen a killer deal on any player yet. I could get a PS3 since it has a BR dvd built in but that would likely cause some marital issues – I have enough stress already. Blu-ray disks are more expensive than normal DVDs but that too will be just a matter of time. I have not bought a lot of DVDs lately so that doesn’t force any ‘heat or movies’ financial decisions.

Got my camera back from canon. It was shooting a little soft and so they did something. Have not put it through the torture test yet, but initial viewings do show an improvement. That is good given the moola that went out for it. Anyway more pictures of turkeys and kids coming now that the beast is back.

Is it me or has the internet slowed down a little? Probably just spam clogging up the arteries.

Well, that is it for now. Pictures for November will be up when November is over so no need to ask about them now.

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