It would seem that there is one among us who is planning on having a birthday tomorrow … well maybe not planning on having one, but still it is that time of the year for it to happen. Happy Birthday Michael.

I met this lad some forty plus years ago, and have watched him grow into the fine young man he is today.   Sometime I did wonder if he was going to make , considering all the shenanigans he was involved in, but here he is.

I shall not go into any of the  shenanigans, for it may embarr him … but some of them could/would be quite funny.  All considered, he was a good lad, and a smart one, and even today the same apply.

I hape you enjoy this Birthday Michael and all those that follow, you seem to be having a good life, and the most wonderful and beautiful family, with a son to soon join in.

Once more son …..  HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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