Update 1

Quick blog from Barbados.


First don’t come here unless you have an all inclusive package at a hotel.  It was good enough for Tiger Woods’ marriage so that should tell you something.  Anyway Barbados is a lot like Jamaica but being English they are much more polite (two class system irrespective).


MA has gotten some sun and a lot of sleep without kids interruptions.  Not much sun for me.  That Banana screen block we have works!  Beer has been following liberally (yes the most liberal thing about me!).  Stella, Amstel Light have been the choice thus far.


We looked at Art!  Oh my.


My Sprint BB is not working and that is really irking me.  It works fine for VOICE but not data.  I’m on the 50 cents per minute plan now so don’t expect this to be long winded.


Food has been okay.  Windjammer (café style) is always very basic… Dining room has been good.  The Duck last night rocked.  We are going fancy on Wednesday – more on that later (maybe after we get back).  Our companions are interesting.  One pair (mother/son) do not speak English.  One is from NY (fortunately she is also PR and does the translating between shots of something that makes her feel really really good).  One family (daughter is 14) came from Russia.  Olga is very blond.


Casino – bad odds and all – has treated us well.  WE are up $30 or so bucks (at least right now).  Some roulette, some slots.


St. Lucia is next.  We have a TOUR scheduled.  It should be nice.


Cheers (with my $6 beer).



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