Take Heed ….

Michael, my dear boy, after looking at all those wonderful pictures of the girls, if I was you, I would be looking for me a good baseball bat instead of a putter.

It is not going to be to long before there will be a line of boys at your front door, and you will need that bat to fight them off ….. let this be an early warning to you.

 That said, let me say that picture of Meghan (pic of week), if sent in to a contest would be a winner for sure  … damn that is lovely.

Not to take away from Mz, for she is a doll …. she will be a show girl for sure.  You will have to watch her, for she is a pistol.

I told myself that I was not going to ask, but apparently I lied to myself …..  when are you going to tell us the name of our future grandson ….. hhmmmmm

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  1. Michael Says:

    It is one of my favorite images — looks so much better printed than knocked down to web image size.

    For the record, we have not finized on a name yet. We ruled out one more so we are down to a couple now. We may not pick one until he arrives…

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