Nice Shirt!

Okay, I know how the girls end up wearing Buckeye shirts, but Mick?
I was a little surprised to see that.
Mary Ann- mom and I made those spider cookies with Mark this weekend. Actually, he got bored after one, but he gladly ate that one.

I’m going to Smita’s wedding this weekend. I still haven’t found anything colorful to wear (apparently it’s not a good omen to wear dark colors). I’ve realized how limited my wardrobe is.

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  1. MaryAnn Says:

    Hey, Mick is very supportive of us and our interests (OSU being one of them). Only one girl has on an OSU t-shirt, the other girl has outgrown all of hers (hint, hint) and no, I’m not talking about me – I do have some that still fit 😉 They both do have sweatshirts that fit, though.

    Wish I could go shopping with you. Have fun at Smita’s wedding – tell her I said Congrats!

    BTW – are you planning on continuing your traditional “Annual Thanksgiving Trip to Kansas City” this year?

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