Another week goes by

Wow – Wednesday and that means a management call. Boring…………

Anyway, it is a lovely day here in Kansas City today (upper 60s, sunshine). Fall used to be my favorite time of the year. Now, not so much, as it means the furnace is to come on and the gas bills go up. Funny how perspectives change over time. I fear this weather is just a teaser for a mean winter. Last year was relatively mild – I don’t think it got below 0 – and I know we didn’t have a long stretch (weeks) where it didn’t get above 15 or so. That was pretty brutal for most of us (people in Minnesota need not chime in).

Vacation is looming and that is nice albeit yet another chance to have money go out of my wallet faster than Pelosi can get a poll done to form an opinion. We are actively researching options. Of course, our current situation does limit some of the options (well, a lot of them). Of course, when you have two long term scheduled events, things can overlap. Oh well. At least lack of excursions will alleviate some financial burn. Plus, our bar tab should be “nominally” less.

Ok, let me rant on Pelosi for a moment. It was suppose to be a “new day” with her in charge. “A more ethical” congress, etc. Explain to me why when we have an idiot democrat in the House, knowingly and without a doubt, break House rules in a stupefied rant against the President, that there is no punitive measures? In fact, it got minimal press. Obviously, there is a bias in the media. Anyway, what really irks me is that she not only did not speak up, admonish him, penalize him but when FORCED to have a House vote on censoring him, we had a 192 democrats vote against it (not to mention the 8 chicken-asses that voted “present”). I mean, it is not like we are asking to boot him out, just censor him. I guess some democrats only follow the rules when it meets with their political agenda. And before anyone cries fowl on MY bias, just recall the MONTHS of news around Bob Packwood (and yes, as a republican, he was censored). Anyway, I really despise hypocritical people and/or those that cannot lead until they get a poll taken.

Enough of her. She just pisses me off. Oh wait, I do take great amusement in the recent memo from her office to the members of the house to paraphrase “start publishing your triumphs to the public for awareness”. I guess she hasn’t realized that there have not been any such victories in the last year (not surprisingly, her agenda has been simple: bash Bush – on any and everything because he is not popular.) More funny, is that this latest directive is a reaction to a poll that shows Congress is less liked than Bush (right or wrong). Got to love irony.
Now, I am done with that.

It has been a frustrating and expensive week in the putter hunt. I’ve scored some good wins though I might have overpaid a little on an item or two. Oh well, these items have been proving to be good investments. There are a couple of items still in flux and they are not on the low end (but very desirable). I still am irked by some I have let go by just a year ago. I struggle with this. I do have to say, I really enjoy the hunt (and more so, the kill, if you will). I’ll generate a photo review of some of the great little devices some day. Here is a start of that list. Of course, the payoff really is after I get them refinished. They will be sweet…. Anyway, I will pare back a few next year as I have decided to focus on the “Newport” model. Of course, when a mint 1995 Copper putter pops up, it is a struggle not to go there. Yes, that is one I might have over spent a little on. I give it a year until I get back to even there. That is okay – I’ll get a rack and just hang it for enjoyment. Issues with the trade deficit aside, I love the Japanese consumers. They LOVE Scotty Cameron and fuel this continual valuation (as does Tiger Woods winning – with a SC putter).

This reminds me, I was feeling a little blah about my new camera – images seemed a little soft. Well, it looks like that may have been an issue with the lens. I slapped on my nifty fifty to take the images of the putters. Even scaled down for the web, you can tell that sharpness is not an issue. I’m a little relieved. Speaking of images, posting of October pictures is just over a week away… I did add in a quick Pumpkin Patch collage for those of you how do not visit that collage page often.

We had two people look at the house recently. Of course, one of them was during nap time. That was harsh (on the parents). One just stopped by yesterday given they were looking at the house down the street and saw our sign. I rapped with them briefly. Had a good vibe but you can’t even get a cup of starbucks with that. Time will tell.

No golf recently. None planned until late November. I have a business trip scheduled out in CA for a day and plan on taking the opportunity to whack the white one around for a while. Still working on which course. That reminds me, I need to update my golf 100 plan with new status (I played World Woods recently).

What else…

  • My 90’s BFF (yeah, I’m hip) and his wife just returned from France. They posted a pile of nice images on their web site (granted, two weeks and only 800 or so images is a little weak).
  • My Oregon buddy John and his wife successfully completed their latest baby project with an on time arrival of Delia. Of course, he also just got a mini-van. I was going to make fun of him, but we are planning on trading in the Pilot on one in the spring.
  • You can see from MA’s veto in a previous blog entry, there will be no vote on the name. I can reveal that one of the “off the grid” names or “Millennium” was ruled out. It might have taken a little time to get use to but it is a cool name. Kind of makes you wonder what the other “off the grid” name is, doesn’t it?
  • Meghan is learning more words (in between begging for more food). Yes, “cookies” and “pretzels” are words she has down pat.
  • Mackenzie is STILL being a two year old. Independent, reckless, etc. Drives me to drink.
  • Our little pumpkin (see POTW), imploded yesterday all over the counter. Not nice. It was replaced last night. Four bucks I will see no return on…
  • I’m three or so days on the diet and pretty much ready to throw in the towel (see Mackenzie being a two year old).
  • Meghan is now to be a ‘monkey’ since our 90% off penguin outfit we bought last year was missing the head. So much for a bargain there. In any event, it is not clear that she cares.  She did get one wear out of the “headless” penguin, though.
  • Our Christmas shopping is 90%+ complete. Helps when you buy stuff year round. Mike, you are in for a treat this year….

More next week.

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