Mid week update

Well, it is has not been a week, but a conference call is in full bloom so I thought I would provide an update on things.

First, we have had some wickedly strong weather here in the Midwest these last couple of days. This on top of the rain that felt the need to come down on every opportunity I had to complete the fence. I think we may have caught up for the year and we were down 5 inches to start the month. Today is beautiful, though rumor has it we will be seeing 40+ mph winds this afternoon as a cold front moves in.

Looks like footed pajamas for the kids tonight. That is good since there are some Princess ones MacZ has been wanting to wear (not that she doesn’t get them out at nap time and put them on OVER her regular clothes).

Sad to say, but the name game may not happen. We are down to three names – two traditional ones and one slightly off the beaten path. MA is not too excited over that one anyway. I’m willing to take it off the table if we don’t move to Texas this year. Speaking of which, NOTHING is happening on our house. Pisses me off given the time and money spent on the fence.

I came to an emotional resolve on the putter collection disease. I am only going to collect Newports (includes Newport and Newport 2, might expend at times to the Newport 1.5 and Newport 2.5s – not so much the Tei3s). I’ll be staying away from the Studio versions and focusing on the OC and GB finishes. That said, I have recently picked up two sweet ‘other’ putters. One is for investment purposes (seriously!). The other is just cool to look at. Once they arrive, maybe I’ll take a picture and post. Anyway, this decision will help the financial outlook for sure but more importantly, keep me sane. Peace of mind is important you know.

One thing I always thought about collecting was Disney ‘pins’. Of course, there are a zillion of those and those of you who know me, know that I like to complete collections. Given that, I would absolutely be a nut job searching for the latest and greatest (or more realistically, the oldest and rarest) of these. Whew. Dodged a bullet there.

Not much more so we will go to the lightning round…

  • We still have not won the McDonald’s million dollar monopoly giveaway.
  • MacZ colored one of the chairs at church.
  • Meghan is learning to say new words.
  • MacZ is learning to say more sentences.
  • I’m having a salad for lunch.  Boo.
  • I’ve not lost any weight eithe.  Double Boo.
  • MA ankle is sore.
  • Golf season is almost over for good.
  • I’m absolutely abhorred by Pelosi’s decision to push for an Armenian genocide resolution.  Self-serving idiot.
  • I’m dumbfounded by the American people who contributed to the Baby Jessica fund 20 years ago (hey folks – it didn’t pay for rescue (tax payers did), it went into a trust fund where she is waiting to collect over a million dollars!).
  • I think it is funny that some communities are trying to ban by LAW those baggy jeans that you have to hold up to wear (actually a better idea would be to require them to wear a t-shirt with “I’m stupid” with them).
  • I applaud the clerks in NY that say they will not issue driver licenses to illegal aliens regardless of what the Democratic governor says (shockingly, it is legal to do so in 8 other states).
  • I’m surprised by the school district in Maine giving out birth control.
  • I find hope in voters in Nevada like their OWN senator (Reid) less than Bush. That is not a pro-Bush statement, but an affirmation that Reid is a tool.   What happened to the concept of representatives actually representing their constituent’s views… Oh yeah, that went out the window when big money, especially that backed by Unions, became involved.
  • I find it interesting that if the candidates would pool their fund raising dollars and donate it to the government versus pay consultants and media firms, we could actually meet some of the shortfalls in the budget that they note as ‘differences’ in their campaign rhetoric.
  • I am not thrilled with Halloween as a holiday (kids going door to door begging? – Hmmmm) but it is more palatable with kids. We have a Tigger and a penguin this year. I suppose there will be pictures.
  • Catalog season is in full bloom.  I bet the postal workers love this time of year.

2 Responses to “Mid week update”

  1. JoAnne Says:

    *Enjoy your blog! Look forward to each new entry. There’s something for everyone.
    *Hey, but I do have a request. I will feel deprived if there is no name game. Why not take a poll? Give us your three possible names and we’ll invite all the Dugan and Mozina relatives and friends to register their choices. I’m sure Chuck and Judy will petition family and friends to vote, too.
    *Of course the final choice will be yours and Mary Ann’s.

  2. MaryAnn Says:

    No name poll will take place! Sometimes surprises are wonderful!

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