Week of Oct 15th

The fence is done – all but one gate and a half board filler or two. Of course, it was completed in the mud after yet another glorious opportunity to build went by the waste side with heavy rains over the early part of the weekend.

All in all, I think it looks pretty okay. Would be nicer if stained (hey, don’t get me started) or if I used a better grade of wood, but it was to sell the house, not for me to admire. That leads me to the “of course” section of our program. Since it was started in earnest, no one has even come by to look at the house.

Not really much else to comment on given that it has been my focus.

Oh wait, joke of the century — Al Gore getting a Nobel PEACE prize for writing a book, flying around the country on a pollution machine and getting paid large sums of money to talk on the environment? First, ozone and peace are related how? Am I the only one who read the charter for the prize? Hey, I’m all for the environment but I’m also not a hypercritical wanna be. I just shake my head. Looks like the Sweedes have gone French on us.

Did spend a lot of time cleaning up some photos for October. It is shaping up to be a decent picture month (quality, not quantity wise). Of course, you will have to wait to see most of them. Pumpkins are always fashionable I guess.

We are dreading the ‘deep dig’ into the basement to look for the kids costumes. Not going to be pretty….

Started to get the ‘putter’ bug again. However, constraint has been the key this time out. Of course, it does irk me to watch for putters that I almost bought a year ago (when the Cameron flu last was had) are now selling for several hundred dollars more than I could have picked them up for then. If only the stock market did so well. Anyway, I might live with regretting to pick up that recent 2002 Holiday Oil Can – with headcover! It has to be one of the most perfectly designed putters ever made (the Newport 2 which it is based).

Of course, there is a reason for me to be on the search for the next putter but more on that later.

Thought I would start collecting headcovers too – these can get crazy in price so again, constraint is the name of the game. I think I will only collect holiday headcovers (these are different than the ones that come with the holiday putters – go figure). There are only five years worth on the market so far so the time seems right (I have 2 already). It is only ONE per year so that should help control the urge. Plus, they are still reasonably priced compared to some of the ‘special’ ones out there. Was also going to collect the ones from the British Open but have decided to do so ONLY if I have played that course. Therefore, I bought the 2007 version in anticipation of playing Carnoustie sometime in 2008/2009. Since I’ve already played St. Andrews, I just have to wait for the next major there and its headcover.

I see that SF mayoral candidates include a bar owner, a nudist and clown. Shocking.

Everyone knows that I like the Patriots but I am not impressed with their decision to run in for TD with seconds remaining in their game against Dallas last night. Take a knee. Football players could learn a little about sportsmanship.

BCS polls are out and Ohio State is number 1 through attrition of pretty much half the teams in the country. Oregon which ranked no lower than #9 in any poll out there, did their bit by pounding Washington State only to fall to #10 in the BCS rankings. I’ll say it here an now. Get rid of the BCS for the title game. Set up a two game playoff. Have BCS or some better system pick 4-8 for top tier bowls (so collages can get their $). Better yet, have college football revert back to the spirit it was created versus as a money making, diploma factory (latter statement of course is not always applicable) output of today.

Professional Hockey has a more honest approach.

And for the record, all of those trips I have made to NJ have NOTHING to due with the recent FBI sting.

Meghan’s favorite word is “yeah” but she does it like “Fonzi” would say “aaaaaaaayyyyyyy”. That is in sharp contrast to Mackenzie’s favorite word which is “no” at a shrill level.

I’m thinking about a diet to firm up a little before the vacation. Given that means a decline in much that I enjoy, make your requests of me gently.

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