Another week, another blog entry.

It just doesn’t seem like a week has passed since the last one. However, I am sitting here on yet another long ass, boring as crap, conference call so it must be so.

I honestly am not so sure what has transpired in the last week given my conscious attention to soreness in my body. As many of you know, the fence must go up. Gene and Judy came up for the weekend to lend a hand. Some went really easy (love the two man power auger) some, not so much.

We had a small issue with a neighbor who was not a fan of the fence. Therefore, we had to do the right thing and actually get permission from the HOA (which is really some bureaucratic organization managed by power zealots). Luckily in our case, the association “approver” was home on the day we were to start and a very nice man. Unfortunately, he informed us to keep in being neighborly, there was a five foot height requirement for fences between homes. Okay then. Well, luck would have it that Lowes and Home Depot don’t sell five foot fence boards, only four and six footers. That means, every damn one of them has to be cut to length (that’s 420+ of them for those counting at home). Oh yeah, the yard slopes…

Anyway, after a couple of days of what seemed like back breaking work, the posts are in, the stringers hung and about 10% of the fence boards attached. More would have been accomplished if it were not for some interruptions – viewings, pumpkin patches and worse yet, a honking rain storm. On the plus side, it did give me an excuse to get a pneumatic nailer. It did not get a lot of use but, I like it. I like it a lot.

What I do not like is all of the aches and pains I have. Heavy boards, heavy concrete, lots of loading/moving and one out of shape monkey all contributed to the end state.

The home remains unsold and without offers. We have had five showings this week, including one return showing. That is good, I suppose but all of the showings in the world don’t add up to diddly if no one puts forth a contract. Yet, still it is surprising given the date – this weekend the world famous American Royale BBQ cook-off occurred in KC and there was a Chief’s home game (alas, another loss). Could be because we have a new agent. I’m not convinced of him but he is aggressive and we need to get this thing done. So, results will speak large on my perspective of him.

What else….oh, we did go on our annual pumpkin patch trek this weekend. It was the wrong weekend to go. TONS of people (the patch was hosting 4H and a birthday party). Almost too crowded to do anything at the petting zoo part. Pictures were a challenge will all of the kids running around (ours AND others that would get in the way). Unfortunately, M&M would not sit together for a picture so even with minor brilliance in retouching skills, I do not see another pumpkin picture coming out of it. It was a challenge just to get ONE of them to sit (Z was the better of the two for that – the worse of the two in terms of not running away). Maybe next year they will be cooperative.

Oh yeah, I played golf on Monday. It appears that my company was a sponsor of the local “winning for life” charity event (yeah, I was surprised too). The NFL Alumni group hosted it. I played BETTER than the previous week, but I wasn’t really showcasing anything special. That said, we had a 59 – in third place gross, but we ended up in 6th place net given handicaps. Still not bad considering. It was played at a nice run in Lantana, Texas. One of the cart girls looked like the [much] younger sister of Gabrielle Anwar (yes, of “Burn Notice” fame). It was eerie. One of the big raffle prizes was some new premium flavored vodka. Some Hooter girls were there giving out samples on the 4th hole. I know that is odd, but given it was a NFL event, that made a little more sense. Lots of sort of middle of the road ex-athletes there. Some pretty veteran guys. Some I knew, most I didn’t. Walt Garrison and Preston Pearson of the Cowboys were in the groups before and after us. Our group had Alfred Anderson in it (he played for Minnesota for six years). Nice guy. Food was good. Long day considering I flew in that morning and then back the next day.

Meghan is getting two more teeth. She is not happy about it. None of us are happy about it.

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