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Okay, I am back from Orlando and our Client Symposium. I think it went well (well, most of it). I ended up playing in the “A” group during our golf event because someone let it slip I know what I am doing with the little white ball. Well, on this particular day, with not only the CIO of a major Anaheim-based client but also my own company’s honcho, I pretty much responded like the village idiot in a calculus class. I know I have not played much this year but still, I looked like Woody Austin playing Tiger. It was embarrassing. Came around at the very end but our fate was sealed early and often.

I was able to play again on Friday due to some meetings being cancelled at the last minute. A little better this time out. At least I could find my ass with both hands. Interestingly enough, I ended up teaming with a group of ‘semi-retired’ folks from New York. Different business types including “banking” and “waste management”. If that sounds familiar to those of you with HBO, it should. By the expressiveness witnessed, let us put it this way, they probably don’t play in the church events. With the play of the day, I even borrowed a couple terms from their vocabulary… Again, sorry it took so long to update the blog. After leaving the posh Grand Floridian (and having dinner during fireworks at California Grill), some dumb ass put me in a hotel without internet access to save a few hundred bucks (okay, it was me). I mean though, what hotels do not have internet access these days? I didn’t know I had to check. Sheesh. Friday was the last day for my boss. Good for him, not so good for me. Not so sure about what is to come about in the near term. I guess we will see.

Read a book called “Blink” by Gladwell on the plane. Interesting concepts.

So, everyone got the “blue” after some coaching it appears. I do try and make things apparent to one and all. In terms of the name game… We might not have one, on this final trip into pregoland. Why? Because I am not so sure we will decide the name until arrival. We will surely narrow it down to two by then. In fact, we are almost there. We have both the very traditional and what is surely to be seen as off the grid choices. Too much to think about for the next five months.

We had two open houses. No one showed up for either one. We were able to get two very cranky children out of it however, as they missed their naps.

I’ll get September pictures up soon. I have a lot of catching up to do on other tasks given my recent internet isolation.

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