Seven in the jar, five more till I’m a star

On the seventh day of hell…
My doctor gave to me, some poison for the cancer cell.

And Romo and the Cowboys played and won
Never thought that would happen given their offence looked done.

The port clot had been found to clear its way
That is great, will make my session here less today.

Blood counts with templates bounced back high
Makes me want to pop a Stella or two, my oh my.

My attitude remains a wee bit poor
But only three more months more on this side of the door.

Lunch today includes a Hot Pocket and Fritos
Fantastic, I love those little friend corn banditos.

This past week had found some challenges with FLOW
Nothing worse than being backed up but needing to go.

Luckily we had some generic ex-lax, chocolate flavor too
Kind of gross to thing about, but it sure helps bring the poo.

Now my stomach and pipes can get back to normal
Just in time to take our Christmas card formal

So hopefully this week will be without side effects and stuff
I’m doing better than most, but I’ve really had enough.

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