Week 5

It is now week five, and I’m still alive
Going to work, taking all of the client jive.

This last session around was not so nice
But, it could be worse, I could have lice

Harder to imagine since I have less hair
Call the patent attorneys, my chemo acts like nair

With bills and kids, money has been a little lean
But I splurged and got a copy of “in flight” by Alan Bean

Got around to getting some balm for the beard
Having hair on my face and not head is just plain weird.

Mary Ann is in the car on the way to Ohio
I’m here with reruns of Duck Dynasty (and plenty of ammo)

No doubt the kids will be more than a handful
Good thing she has her family to put up with the bull.

I watch the news and see the President being a racist pig
He doesn’t care. Like Prince George, he’s a bigwig

Of course, the same stuff comes out of those two
Unfortunately, the President’s affects me and you

I hope this week, there is no neuropathy or cold hands
Doubtful though; the poison doesn’t obey my commands

The lab work today showed platelets being really low
That almost caused today’s poisoning to be a no go

Anyway, I got seven more of these on the schedule
It will be so nice to finish, it will be special.

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