Two of Twelve

Week number two is here and now
Expecting some weight loss, I’ve eaten like a cow.

New promotion at McD for a Quarter Pounder
Too many of those and I’ll be Animal House’ s Flounder.

Soon to be waiting for my FOLFOX chalice
Consumed over four hours, in my personal poison palace

A little angst and fatigue is surely to come
Just hoping my hands and feet don’t go numb

Hair so far is still on my face and head
Good news since skinny and bald, I’m rockin like zombie dead

For me, there has been lots of love and maybe a little fuss
All cancer beware, cause another millions cells bites the dust!

Bought some BOND movies to rip to the ipad
A half dozen 007s, gadgets, and hot girls, enough said !

A watch and wait game is afoot
Ten more sessions till cancer will get the official boot.

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