Chemo 1

Yo yo yo check this out (subtle hint to Tape Heads… rap does not flow to chcken wings and waffles however)…

I’m hanging at the Center, in battle with some FOLFOX
Ugly nurses everywhere, and I’m loosing feeling in my but-tocks.

Spending hours here, slammin the poison juice through my IV
While suffering through reruns of Roseanne and Golden Girls on the tiny ass TV.

Too bad as there is a Star Wars marathon on SPIKE
Skipping episodes I-III, it is a series that I actually like.

Max and the kids are keen on episode IV
Forgive them, they are kids just looking for their Ewok fix.

I think I have had ten staffers come by so far
I feel like royalty or Vader on the Death Star.

This is one of twelve, I look forward to
Until the quacks are convinced, I’m cancer free, Yahoo!

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