People has asked so I will put some chemo stuff here…

To start, I think these next twelve horrible quack induced sessions deserve a rap so I’ll try and do one for each. If I can think of a tune to match it to, I will note it. For now, just a simple one.

In 24 hours, I’ll rush the cancer center doors
Taking my place on the throne, demanding poison be pushed into my pores.

Don’t know what to expect as they connect to my power port
Could be nausea, cold, fatigue or other worlds of hurt.

The wife will be there by side, stressed and sad too
She’ll wave off my requests to worry not about me but her crew.

I know my taste buds will soon be gone
Better have a chili dog now with onions and jalapenos added on.

Who knows about my head full of hair, now brown and gray
Bald, it will be so round, suitable for croquet!

I got twelve of these bitches to conquer this year
I’m doing it for the kids; I can have no fear.

I should sleep now and avoid all of this worry
By Christmas this will be done, and the concerns, just a memory.

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