The anti-rant

Some more things I like

  • The look of a nicely mowed yard
  • Cold beer (and not any of that “light” crap) and grilled meat
  • Getting emails from old friends (Angela, Jill, Michelle, John – HINT)
  • That feeling of hitting the ball so freakin pure, that it feels like butter.
  • Making any putt outside of four feet.
  • Free gifts from vendors, bonus buys, etc.
  • Actually having someone keep an appointment time (e.g. doctor, dentist, car mechanic, cable guy).
  • Good service by people who you know get paid nothing (e.g. airline person, waitress, check out person).
  • Not having a sore throat (or other ailment)
  • Old pants that aren’t tight.
  • Good hair days (e.g. when it doesn’t look like I’m really loosing mine)
  • Mackenzie behaving
  • Nap time.
  • Conference calls that actually are to the point and end early.
  • When asshole drivers actually get pulled over and ticketed.
  • New cameras (and lenses). OK… any time UPS arrives.
  • Actually, capturing the moment on [digital] film.
  • That look in Meghan’s eyes and then the big smile when she actually “gets it”.
  • Sales on things I really want
  • Finding money in pants pockets.
  • Leaving work early and not caring!

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