Rules of the Blog

With my clients, I usually like to ask for policies or requirements before implementing a solution but like all good managers, I rarely follow my own rules.  Today, I am correcting that with the rules of [the] blog (or the ROB for short).

Here they are…

1.  My blog, my rules  — self evident

2.  Topics should be categorized.  Why?  So, people can view what they want (e.g. “the girls”) and to avoid everything else (like my incessant ranting).  If you do not see a category you like, let me know and I can create one.  They are clearly listed on the right hand side of the input screen when creating a message.  “Uncategorized” means general purpose.

3. PG is the strongest rating allowed on any input.

4. The blog is a communication forum I use to blast out thoughts AND messages.  They may be important or not.  You will have to decide.

5. Your participation (e.g. adding to the greater consciousness) is not required.  You are welcome to spin a digital yarn, but I won’t kick off you or stop doing what I do in the event I am the only one adding to it.

6. The blog is not the place to get into wars of opinion (religion, politics, or worse, football).  Like the editor of an OpEd section in the newspaper, I’ll put my thoughts out there from time to time (see rule#1) and you can mumble back to the screen that I’m brilliant or an idiot.  In most cases, I will try and put forth a view on issues that please or irk me, sometimes it will be balanced, sometimes not, depending on exactly how insane the object of my rant is being.

7.  Some pictures will be posted here but the main website is their primary home.  You will have to look in both places to take in the whole Robbins family experience.

8. It goes without saying (but I will say it anyway), a blog is a one to many communication forum.  It is not here to replace, but to supplement, e-mail, etc.  Remember that when posting.

9. The blog will be updated by me when I have time.  That usually is on the weekends, when no good TV shows are available, the Netflix envelope is still in the mail or when I am stuck on a long ass boring conference call.  You will have to check back often to stay up to date (or set us a RSS feed).

10.  Hmm.  I don’t have a 10th rule.  Wait, all rules are subject to change on a whim.


If you don’t like my rules you can boycott or compain to the committee (e.g. Mary Ann).  Good luck.

-Chief Blog Monkey

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