Boycott of the Day

Man sore throat is making me cranky.

Anyway, during my lunch (which I am not eating since I forgot to bring one and at the same time I am resisting the vending machine, even with those deliciously mini-chocolate donuts), I looked out on the web and saw a horrific story.

“Manilow boycotts the View because of Hasselbeck”

First, I have not issue with not being on the View.  It is tripe.  But to do so because of that sweet Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s drubbing of the not so sweet Rosy O’Donnell is a whole other story.  This was scheduled a month ago and now make a demand? Barry, you are a professional so act like one.  Nobody is asking you to asking you to befriend her.

Okay, those who know me know that I appreciate great talent.  I admit that Manilow is a little odd but the tunes rock (same goes for Streisand).  However, entertainers need to be entertainers and not politicians, activists, egoistical punks (okay, that might be a stretch for most of them) or otherwise bullyies from the pulpit.   So, as odd of a thing to ever say, I am boycotting Manilow songs now.  No CDs, no iTunes, no nothing.

Since I am only boycotting one thing at a time, AVIS is back in my good graces.  Hmmm.  Who will replace Barry?

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