I started in on some things a while back but got distracted and the memory, being what it is after running a such a supercharged level for so many years – and fighting off the abuses therein, I have spaced it so I shall endeavor to recount the events of the last week or so.

I do know a couple of things.:

  • I ate some perfectly cooked beef – and lots of it.
  • I am freaken wilting under the heat
  • Obama did basically nothing but spun that up as heroic to the masses
  • The kids have not been good at going to bed
  • There was yard work done
  • Garage cleaning started
  • MA suffered through another ailment of the week.

So, of that, not much is blog worth except maybe MA’s constant battle with all things Texas, be it ant bites, allergies or whatever. Fortunately, I do not seem to be sweet enough for insects to take much interest and/or I am not sensitive enough to be bothered by them. That said, it is a good thing that Costco has cortisone cream…

Max-man has started to take after his mother. We got through the battle with eczema and now he has a new hive based irritation. Keep him from sleeping a lot last night. Our preliminary research proves out the elementary nature of medical knowledge present in the world today. Not sure why doctors get paid so much when they know so little. Hopefully, it will go away as quickly as it came.

I played golf for the first time in a while. Yes, in the heat, but it was only in the low 90s with 90% humidity. I played from the tips and I have to say, it was a bit of a stiff test at 7000+ yards. Did okay considering it all. The course was interesting but too many opportunities for snakes. Never a good sign when they have signs posted about how snakes are aggressive animals and there are tons of little creeks… Not sure I will be going back there. Then again, my next golfing event is probably going to be in Columbus anyway.

We are starting to get some return on investment in our HOA fees. The pool has been a happening place.

Speaking of which, an epiphany occurred. I THINK I am going to write a book about Alister Mackenzie. I know there is already one but there should be more. I’m framing up some thoughts about it now – probably not going to be a commercial effort but a retrospective one. I’d like to tour his American courses and write about them but that is 1) beyond my discretionary income levels and 2) not easily done given most of them are private – two, being uber-private. I’ve taken the first steps in getting copies of most of the books about him and his craft. Thanks to Amazon and ebay, UPS will be knocking a lot this come week. Anyway, it seems like a good idea since I do enjoy writing (more so than talking) and I do enjoy golf. I just need a lucky break or two… And of course, some free time.

This week also marked the arrival of my remote flash units…from China. Had to get a new battery but they seem to work. Maybe I’ll make a formal photo of Meghan turning three – mainly as a celebratory event. She has announced that when she is three, she will go potty. Small steps.

I could not help but notice a little news worthy events. It is comforting that the Supreme Court got one right (and yet another over turn of a Sotomayer ruling). Of course, interesting in the liberal press how they label it “US Supreme Court rules for white firefighters”. Hmmm. I thought they ruled on the legal basis on discrimination. Plus, there were also Hispanic participants in the case. Guess, they don’t matter when it comes to headlines. Also, hugely concerned about the cap and trade bullshit. First and maybe foremost, is anyone home in the House? How do they continue to let things like this happen? This being, the writing of a massive bill with untold new taxes to be voted on without anyone reading it? I have no real idea if the pieces and parts are good or bad, nor does anyone else. Tidbits I have seen are troubling, but surely there are good parts. Of course, Barack is all about ‘saving the planet’ and ‘new jobs”. Leaves out the impact to the economy, the growing number of scientists that dispute the impact to the planet and of course all of the jobs to be lost either directly or indirectly as these things are implemented. Then again, those jobs are mainly in the south (oil country) and they are not a blue state so maybe he doesn’t care. I would say there is hope in the Senate to stop the madness but now that Al – a freakin nut job – Frankin was given the election by the Minn Supreme Court (that is just for the liberals out there that said GWB was given the Presidential election – – funny, no protests being reported!), I am not so sure. He’s a joke, but at least he is not Bill Maher. Al Gore has already been working the phones trying to get this passed. Not that he really cares now that he has made a handsome profit over this global warming “crisis” but a cap would no doubt fuel more books and speaking engagements for him. I have ZERO doubt that if the public – even John Q idiot boy – really knew what was going on, they would be outraged. However, no one is telling them. The press is still firmly lodged up Barack’s backside. Is it 2010 yet?

Movie reviews for the week? None. We had “27 Dresses” but I didn’t watch it and I don’t know what MA thought about it. We have “Gran Torino” on tap for this week, once time is freed up (hmmm, movie or exercise? See my dilemma?).

Not sure what else is out there to report today…

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