Indeed the summer is here and that means holidays for some, starvation to fit into swimsuits for others (no, that isn’t me).

The holidays is summer break from school, vacations at work (use them or loose them assuming your projects allow), FIFA soccer matches (if you are Obama), Father’s day – if you celebrate such limiting and arbitrary holidays, Mary Ann’s birthday and of course, Independence Day. As much as I have enjoyed being out of the fray, believe that there will be some sort of country supporting, communist antagonistic blog around that time.

The good news is that I have read all of my manifesto work on the kindle and being cheap, I have downloaded some freebies – right now, I am reading “Return of Sherlock Homes”. Classics are called such for a very good reason.

This weekend, the first wave of mini-blinds were indeed hung in the window with care (or more accurately via brute force and an 18V power drill). They look okay. Cookie jars have been selected and some art hung. The guest room is now complete. Well, except for a bedspread selection – but we will worry about that when you actually need one and are not baking in the heat.

Not much else to report. I know people are into the whole hallmark holidays – even if I do not celebrate it — so here is my version…

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