A couple of more days…

First, it is hot here and I don’t like it. I do wonder if our radiant barrier is helping our cause any. Not sure. We only had part of the summer to compare last year but I do hope so.

Insurance companies are stupid. We have been going through the annual process of relooking at all of those incidental charges that when added up are anything but incidental and so we looked to change our insurance company. You have to understand that home insurance in Texas is outrageously priced. Actually, I would say insanely so but it is the way they do business (premium are determined by state so all of those hurricane impacted folks are getting paid out of my pocket). Okay, expensive is one thing, stupid is another. For some reason, everyone things our house is worth much more than it is. I get that – they use logic based models and not real world data in determining value. Fine, but why do I have to pay a premium for that? Why do I have to pay for so called replacement value instead of a fixed price? If I want 200K of coverage, why can’t I buy it? Also, why would they want to insure my house for more than it is really worth? Wouldn’t that really cause me to want to burn it down and make off with the difference? Also, why isn’t the artwork in our house covered by the personal property? I mean, it is personal property… Makes no sense when there is a cap on the value amount.

Another thing that irks me is this hideous practice of “bundling” options on cars. Why can”t I get parking sensors without a 5000 gazillion watt stereo, xeon hi-beams, leather seats, etc? Yes, I know I could go after market but that is the wrong answer. Things should simply not be this difficult.

I decided to buy the iPhone – possibly against better judgment but I do see that this device will become more of an access point that just a phone. The big debate was black or white but in the end, I’ll get a gel cover for it. We shall see how long it lasts me. It is only 32G. Wow, remember when that seemed like an insanely large amount of data ?

I was looking at some images the other day and I am not averaging around 4G a month in pictures. Some of that is Max being an amiable subject but it is also clear that the file size increase of the higher resolution cameras are also impactful. Good thing data storage is cheap (if you don’t include having to get new phones all of the time).

Oh crap, I have to go back to the airport soon.

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