Catching up.

I took Friday off (sort of) to possibly go play some golf but it turned into a shopping day. I’ve been trying to adhere to the fiscal diet, but it sort of got pushed out the window.

That said, I arrived at the PGA Tour Superstore. For those that golf and have not been to one, it is a treat indeed. We have two in Dallas… there are others. Today, I was at the Preston location (not my normal store). Did some good shopping as I stacked a few coupons. First, we got an offer to get 20% uplift on any gift card. That was a no brainer. For $100 get $120 on the gift card. Did that. Then we got a coupon in the mail for $20 off a $50 purchase. So, that is what I did. Noticing that they had a sale on Bryon Nelson shirts, I grabbed one of those (which really is to be a father’s day gift to me). $40 is usually a lot to spend for me on a shirt that I do not get from a pro shop, but BN’s are very fine shirts and was basically almost 50% off. Got a Nike ‘dry fit’ t-shirt since frankly we are all sweating like pigs these days. I combed through the 75% rack for that one – MSRP $55, take home $15. Then moved on to get some shorts – their PGA Tour brand had them 50% off so I grabbed one of those too – adjustable waistband – yeah!. Grabbed a new Vokey wedge too to fill in that gap I have from 125-135 yards. It was a totally good haul for $157 out of pocket given that the wedge itself was $118 with tax. Reminds me of the days when I use to ‘stack coupons’ on the Dell site when ordering computers… Saving money is good.

Of course, I then made my way to IKEA for some MORE shelves and also to pick something up for the living room to de-clutter it a bit. That was a tribulation in itself but after an hour or so I think I pretty much nailed it (note: we have a red couch). A little power screwdriver action that night and I have to say my visualization was spot on. Now, can we get the toys go to IN the cabinet? Not sure – right now, yes, but then again, there is a fascination with the doors.

So, Saturday was to be house husband duties and I duly got up without fanfare and began the process only to find out we had not paint rollers… So, there was the 8am trip to Lowes. Thankfully and freaking almost unnaturally, it was the only trip there that day. Why are we painting (wait, not we – that would imply plurality)? Good question. We do want to do the mail living room but that is a little ambitious and would require a color selection. I have ideas but scaffolding is not appealing to me. So, it was the guest room first off. It is now a light blue and we deem it ‘the summer beach shack get away’. Some shelves are now up (courtesy of IKEA, AMEX and Ryobi), furniture re- arranged and new 2 inch blinds on order from our favorite online discount blinds company (with 30% off coupon). I trust that future guests will enjoy it. Of course, with that order came the idea that we should replace some other cheap blinds in the house — so it looks like I will get the opportunity to perfect my craft through at least eight attempts…

Then there were more shelves for the girl’s rooms to place an insane amount of stuffed animals. All are now put together (even with Mackenzie’s help) and leveled perfectly. Junk has since taken its position on top.

Once done on the inside, it was time for the hot box (aka mother earth). Edging, weed eating and mowing were performed to stave off the HOA Nazis and keep up with our neighbors, who have a service that visits every Saturday morning.

All in all, productive – if that kind of crap can be called progress.

Sunday, was to be the day for golf. I was going to get up early and get out before it hit triple digits. Well, that didn’t quite happen given our [above mentioned] neighbors were having a little bash. It was not loud, but all of the people leaving it were – or just loud enough to wake me trying to determine what that noise was. Couple that with the fact, that for very little physical labor, I was actually a bit sore this morning. So, it was breakfast with the kids, some Dora on TV and after everyone was dressed for the day, I went back to bed while MA contained the civil rivalry and occasional screaming one floor up. Was not good sleep and I did lay there lamenting about my failing ability to remember this guy’s name I use to work with (it came to me after 10 minutes) but I did finally pass out and maybe it will help offset the normal afternoon pull towards taking a nap. I do have a few things I need to do for the office that I have procrastinated on for weeks… and I need to start cleaning out the garage. MA plowed in there a couple of weeks ago, heroically, but ran into something more akin to a mountain than a molehill. It is not a one day event, regardless. I sense a visit to Lowe’s coming on for storage bins but hopefully not.

We are also thinking hard (okay, I am) about our minivan purchase. It looks like financially, that there will be only one car purchased this year and it will be hers. There is a practicality to that versus an ego itch to me swapping out mine. The big question is: ‘does one wait for the 2010 or go with the 2009’ at a discount. Everyone is mum on it, but it sounds like the 2010 is not an update, that will be coming in 2011 so the 2009 is looking more attractive. We shall see… The whole process, even with the internet and fleet managers, is a bit yucky.

Also, thinking about the iphone. Due to be released in a week. I had one but it was not 3G and slow and well, not really what I needed. Of course, that was three versions ago and there are so many new applications out there – many of them useful. I really like the idea of keeping everything on one device. I have an iTouch which I use for trips and walking on the treadmill (right!), but it is too small at 8G to be an all in one. I have a lot of images as if that comes as a surprise… Is the iphone that device? Not sure yet.

Watched part of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” movie on TV last night. It was so horrible but chocked full of stars. Based on it alone, it is shocking that it actually was made into a series – a good one at that.

Not much else happened today – at least here at the homestead. Kids ran around. I heated some meat on the grill. I didn’t get around to cleaning out the garage but did make another trip to Lowes.

I assume that much is happening in the world though I am able to avoid knowing it. I could guess of some of the stupid things that have occurred given the history of his press controlled presidency, but I do not want to think about it.

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