The Horrors and the rain

Well, I came home today – mostly stress free – to find that someone cut Maxwell’s hair. In fact, a supposed “professional” did. I use these air quotes since frankly, he looks as if he is off to boarding school with Joe Cocker using a bowl to do the honors. Anyway, of all of our kids, he would be the last one I would send off to boarding school. I am trying not to focus on it – since it will grow out (some time in 2011) and would take a picture to post, but I can’t bring myself to record this era in history. My little go lucky dude has left the building.

They can cut my hair short since it is naturally thinning and turning the most manly shade of gray you could ask for anyway (granted – I believe this was accelerated by said stress I referenced earlier, and no, there is no stimulus money for a cure – it is all going to a mouse in SF). Max though, had those happy locks of blonde that captures his ‘smiley nature”. Now, it is achtung-baby! He still smiles though I know he curses us on the inside.

Also, my golf idea might just be rained out. We had a wee bit of a storm roll through here with 60+ MPH winds, tornado sirens going off, rain at 2 inches per hour, etc. We did not see it (could not see crap through the gray sky and horizontally blowing rain) but according the weather man and his 6 billion dollar mega fantastic 4D Doppler radar, there is a high degree of likelihood there was a tornado just down the road from us. Oh well, all is well here now. Well, all but possibly the golf course I had planned to frequent.

Mackenzie did make the decision that she does not like thunder. Just in case you were wondering.

So to get some yang to counterbalance the yin, I did go to Costco and the PGA Tour Superstore. That is a good thing.

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