So I was thinking…

The last day or so, I was able to get caught up with the so-called news. The propaganda is intense, the loss of objectivity immense, the politicalization of events disgusting, the lack of respect for the Constitution scary and the absconding of personal responsibility disheartening. My fear of the future state for my children, immeasurable. Hmmm.

It is hypocritical to decide to give up knowing full well, that resistance may not be futile even if it feels that way. That disengagement is what the State wants with constant barrage of propaganda used as their weapon, when they cannot force change through laws that limit individual freedom. I know that. But, I think I need to unplug for a while and live in ignorant bliss. Fortunately, there is the self-serving nature of those that are in power and that, if anything, is more powerful than the liberal agenda. Therefore, I have time. Bureaucracy will slow down the erosion of liberty by the Statists. Hopefully, so that we have some sort of rights still left by the time we vote in 2010.

Of course, it may all be for naught. After all, since FDR, the slide towards socialism has quickened, albeit for a short road bump in the 80s. And it is not surprising that it happens. I mean, life is hard and for those that have not accepted personal responsibility or the challenge to meet it head on, the idea that someone else will shoulder the burden is indeed alluring. What is so ironic however, is that the liberal machine – the democrats – like to call themselves the party of the people. What an abomination! They are the power of the State – the State that gives to some people in return for them ceding their power … to the State. I mean, literally, who can be so stupid as to think that the party of bigger government is the party of the people? Okay, we know that answer. That is what is so funny about the academic heads and the Hollywood crowd. They have success and opportunity ONLY due to those things that they supposedly hate. They are all for herd mentality because they believe they are immune to it or part of the ‘governing’ class. The State uses that to their advantage like other groups… So, have Barack put a cap on the amount of money a “star” can make and see how many fundraisers that kills….Of course he would never do that since he likes the money, he covets the adulation and he needs their influence over the constitutionally weak.

Anyway, it is this kind of crap that gets me wound up and stress is the number one killer out there (until the government takes over healthcare – ooops!). So, I am de-stressing and there are minimal ways to do this.

For now, I am unplugging from sources of socialism – that means, I am not reading blogs, watching the ‘news’, or even checking in on ‘facebook’ for a while. We just got a new subscription to FIOS HD with the Golf Channel and I am taking advantage of it.

Speaking of which, I played some golf this weekend (3rd time this year). I had no responsibility to the kids, I didn’t have to drive, do any work, take care of anything. It was just me. So, I channeled some Tiger and went to town. Uncle Jack Daniels showed up early and came to visit often. Maybe too often but outside the morning for some liver and brain cells, I do not care. And you know what, I actually slept well that night, had dreams fro the first time in a while, and woke up feeling five years younger on Sunday. Plus, I carded a 40 on the front nine – even with a double on number 9.

So, the lesson? Stress is bad.

So, I am taking a new approach to it all for a while. I’m trying to do this without spending a fortune too. That said, I have started to think about a getaway place (which would be contrary to the not spending a fortune tenet). Like Happy Gilmore, it is important to have that happy place. I think mine is in North Carolina. Of course, my mortgage has a few things to say about that but those conversations can be had over the next couple of years.

MA is on a healthy eating kick again and I so I too shall be – for a while. It is not like some exercise and having fewer processed foods will hurt me. Heck, maybe that and living stress free will collide to make a better me. Of course, I have doubts. One, I doubt I can go stress free with kids. Two, I doubt I can stand not eating foods I love (like chicken fried steak, chili dogs, brownies, etc.) for that long. Spock was all about “live long and prosper” not “live long and suffer”. But a couple of weeks – I can do that. Maybe.

And I am going to play some more golf. Maybe even on the weekend if I can stomach getting up early and playing really slow rounds. MA went out and hit some balls the other day. So, who knows where that might lead.

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