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I was going to spend some time cranking this out over the trip but I was too frustrated and then, I was too cramped in the porta potty called a regional jet.

So, here we are .

First, I trust that Memorial Day was eventful, in a good way, for all. We spent a lot of time (I think every waking second) working on the front yard. The entire flower beds are now replaced, the gutters changed out, plants moved about, and new perennials in the ground. I got sunburned on my shoulders big time, but then what should I expect? Fat white guy showing Mother Nature some skin. She was obviously not amused and let me know.

We only had Max and he seemed to be thrilled with the concept of the water hose. Shrieked his joy as he chased it output around the yard.

So, I got to spend some time at the airport yesterday – first due to a missing pilot, then a delayed pilot (once they loaded us on the plane) then due to weather delays (lightning was so bad, they would not let the ground crews out to push back the plane – interestingly, no big concern about us ON the plane…). Then, of course, a fun ride out.

Anyway, the airport was not that busy but there were a significant number of service men and women making their way back to base or wherever. With that, I have to say that I am truly humbled by the sacrifice and commitment some give to their country. My country. This has pushed me further to strengthen my resolve to oppose and eliminate the influence of the current Statists or Socialists (pending your view) that are currently in government actively looking to change and degrade it.

BTW, also had time to finally finish my book ‘5000 Years’. Highly recommend it if you are at all interested in the constitution and/or basic premise on which this country was founded. It is so concerning that much of what letters from Franklin, Washington, Burke and Adams call out as dangers to our country are happening TODAY without unabashed glee by those that are dependent on the transformation of a country run by the people to one run by the government.

Thanks to the handy dandy Kindle, I have started to lead Levin’s book. Unlike 5000 years, he tends to provide more analysis and extrapolation (e.g. opinions) on what is occurring versus a more simple history lesson. He helped draw the line for me that I just could not make. Why is that academia and the media are stalwarts of the liberal left. The same goes for the “Hollywood” crowd. I could only get 80% there…. But then again, I am not a sociologist and I really have not given a lot of time thinking about those whack jobs.

What is really concerning and ultimately ironic is the position that Obama and some of this inner circle take on the decoupling of liberty and property. Without a lot of fanfare, read ‘5000 years’ to see a great deal of discussion about how these are intrinsically linked in this country (or wait — I’ll likely write a long blog on that one day). Anyway, they argue that we have disadvantaged some through our political actions and that this elimination is required for all to truly be free (note: the liberal establishment is big on social/economic equality = freedom, where it downplays the individual (in light of government control) in this equation). These arguments come from tenured professors, etc. Hmm. If we were to be truly free and socially equal, would we not have disallowed the tenure of professors to allow all to share in that limited (aka privileged) social position? It is eye opening how ironic and selective a basic argument is for social change. It is very much a “don’t look behind the curtain” approach.

Just think about what is going on with GM now. The Government is selectively exercising different options to allow it to work at the determent of Chrysler and Ford. The benefactors? Union owners (who are loyal to the government) and the government (not the people). Where is the competition? Where are the benefits back to those that are funding it ? Actually, where was his legal right to do any of this? Well, they are getting sued now over some of the practices but it is too early to tell how that well come to be as the judicial branch too has been infiltrated by activists.

That reminds me…Obama said he wanted to have a judge with more focus on the real world. This should make any American scream in agony. The Constitution is not there for real world adoption. It is there to provide the framework for the real world. There should be no liberal or conservative judges. There should be those that simply apply the basic tenets of the Constitution to cases of law. If this is not the case, then we will have an ever-changing basis for the country and as such precedents are no longer applicable. The great socialist FDR has already changed the country greatly by his Supreme Court work and started us down this path of Constitutional reach that has provided mechanism to socialism.

Okay, the Obamateur has just made his choice – Sonia (do what I say since it worked for me) Sotomayor. A disaster. A self-appointed activist that believes the race and gender of a judge plays a part in decisions and that policy is made on the bench. I HAVE read the Constitution and I do not remember that being in there.

There are three branches of government. The Constitution was written down for a reason too… It is about time someone remembered that. Of course, everyone has also forgotten about the role of the federal government and the states have rolled over like lazy dogs waiting for their treats (aka federal funds). It is not suppose to be like this….

Don’t even get me started on the debt and how the founding fathers saw this as an evil. They campaigned amongst the congress not to allow future generations to be burdened to it and put forward provisions to have any borrowing paid within the lifespan on those that spent it. I know this is not an Obama only situation (debt happens but it should be short term). No one has created a more potential beholden nation than his administration. Of course, liberals like that since it provides power to the government (as the holder of the debt). Even Bernacke has come out and said we need to start to balance this debt. Man, when the guy who helped hold out his hand to get some cash says that, you should listen.

What else is new? Sorry, my brain is fried after the late night getting here and of course, my disgust with Sotomayer or more importantly the calculated erosion of the Constitution that Obama has been systematically orchestrating. Man, it pisses me off. Let’s make jokes how she saved baseball (BTW, nice job – paying guys millions a dollars a year to take drugs) but no mention or her ignorance of legislative branch. On that alone, she is not qualified to do anything. Then you have the press falling all over themselves praising here. You have Democrats saying “oppose her at your own peril”, and of course Harry – dumb ass – Reid says (quoted by the press) that she is the whole package but also states (not reported by the press though 30 seconds apart from the other quote) that he had not read a single judgment she had authored. So you have the democrats and their patsies (aka the press) making the claim that Republicans are going after her based on race while they themselves are supporting her only based on race (and in difference to the will of “the one”). I do not recall any such media furor when Bush nominated Thomas or Estrada. Oh wait, the media only reports what is in the Statist favor.

BTW, I am driving a 2010 Prius while here in Richmond. I am a little more excited about it than I thought I would be. It corners well. The acceleration is a little better than expected. Lots of gadgets. I do like the layout of the controls. Given the new Ford is faster than this beast, it might be worth a look. According to the computer, I am getting just under 49 MPH. Rental companies must hate these things – no $7.99 per gallon fill ups. There goes part of their profit center. BTW, I think that is scummy business practice anyway. If I were a rental company, I would want to refill the tanks myself to make sure people aren’t putting in crappy gas or something.

Okay, I went on a little more than I planned on that but I get so passionate about the dismantling of America, it just pisses me off. If others would just pay attention or care, they too could see it. But, we have become like those on the boat in Wall-E. Where is our little buddy, so needed to save the day?

BTW, just to spike the NBA, I am hoping that Denver and Miami make the finals. No one will watch. That will teach them for letting the Celtics loose.

Property taxes and insurance rates from hell, the kids do like living in Texas and especially going to the pool. I’ll leave you with this one.

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  1. Chuck Says:


    I am sure that may be someone who reads this blog, who does not know our (your and mine) relationship … well Michael you are my son, and I love you and am very proud of you … but, YOU ARE FULL OF IT.

    But to repeat one on your sentences from above .. “there were a significant number of service men and women making their way back to base or wherever. With that, I have to say that I am truly humbled by the sacrifice and commitment some give to their country. My country”

    Well that sacrifice they are making is what give you the right to say and express you thoughts, which I must admit, you do. I too, could write a very long blog of my thoughts, but I shall not, … the reason for this entry is to say … I WANT A COPY OF YOUR BOOK … where can I get a copy ???

    Sorry aboute your sunburn, but the sun will blister, you ole dad knows. I will close with one last thing … that neat shirt you are wearing , is just right for you … it says it all.

    We do love you son …..