A little help for Michael

After being outnumbered three to one at home, help is on the way!   Surely the third time is the charm and we will have a little Mick to continue the the Robbins line. I hope you two are as pleased as we are.  

2 Responses to “A little help for Michael”

  1. Chuck Says:

    “Hey, I’ll drink to that” … hello Jim.

    Yes it is now up to Michael …. if he doesn’t carry on this ROBBINS line it will end with him.

    We too, are excited over this news.

  2. Michael Says:

    No worries, Jim, I can take it.

    Who knows, maybe we are going after a trifecta of girls? Didn’t someone say all good things come in threes?

    In any event, we already have all of the clothes…

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