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By now, everyone has had a taste of the new website, new blog template and of course, the new photo gallery. I’ve got a gazillion images to post into it so that will take some time but be advised that its contents are likely to change every week. I’ve tagged some images so that they can be searched (or dynamically pulled into a new albums – cool!) but that takes even more time. I’m still not sure how to move forward… maybe continue to due them by month?  We will see what I come up with.

It is February, though with it being 75 outside, that is kind of a tough sale for some of us. With this month comes my least favorite holiday. I absolutely abhor valentine’s day. As I’ve said before, it is Halloween for single people and even though I am not single, it still lingers with me. BTW, I don’t like Halloween either. You would think my emotional reactions to these holidays would have changed once I got married and had kids, but … nope. Guess this old dog, ain’t going to hunt. Yes, go ahead and feel sorry for MA.

[Government inaction alert notice]

Speaking of which, feel sorry for all us with this stimulus nightmare. Better than it was, but less bad still isn’t good. I agree with many economists… this will fix itself in less than a year. Economies expand and contract. This bill is not going to do much to change that cycle. I enjoyed the congressman from Arkansas when he had a press conference outside of Pelosi’s door highlighting that this was how decisions are made in the Democratic house (eg by the leadership, behind closed doors). Sad but true. Even sadder is how after they announced an agreement — without anyone having seen it besides a few insiders – and then wanted to herald this as a huge achievement. Bite me.

Following up on my Obama and media shill comment from a previous post, the Wall Street Journal had the guts to mention this in their paper yesterday. Of course, still no other news organizations…. Likely out of fear that they will be shut off from access to “the one” in the future. Ratings sell baby. BTW, as they and others have stated, the President can do whatever they want in terms of a press conference – the part that bugs me is that 1) this behavior is not limited to press conferences, 2) this is not widely known by the public at large so they probably still think the press is holding people accountable and 3) Barack almost broke his arm patting himself on the back when talking about how transparent, open and ethical HIS administration (calling out a difference to others) would be. Let’s see… three cabinet members had tax issues, one withdrew his name (more later), exceptions galore to the lobbyist ‘claim’, lack of truth around this “five days on the web site before laws get enacted so they are not “rushed” into” (I speak of the stimulus here – which I know technically has not been signed into law yet), claims to close gitmo (remember the press conference?) but his own officials now validating that permanent incarceration is required for some, slamming Bush for the “state secret” card but using it himself this week in US District court and oh, the biggest one, this hiring of a purely political operative (e.g. Shauna Daly as the “research director”) to sit in the White House Counsel’s office (remember that claim that politics have no place there? Yeah, short lived). Why has no one asked why this person, whose previous jobs have been to dig up dirt on political oppositions, has been named to the White House Counsel’s office (and paid for by your tax dollars)? I mean, she is not even a lawyer … plus, the Counsel’s office is already much bigger than most under previous Presidents (including GWB’s until the end when the lawsuits came a flying…). Wow.

Final point on the government today….Well done Mr. Gregg for saying no thanks to the offer as scapegoat and lapdog (e.g. Commerce Secretary). Interesting how the White House is saying that he begged for the job (to which he denies). Anyway, if all appointments are basically going to be shills, at least be honest about it. I get Barack is the Pres but I would hope he respects the input from those abundantly more qualified in their respective areas to offer sage advice. Now, they have no one to pin the stimulus disaster on (wait, that is GWB’s fault) and can go ahead and skew the census however they want without anyone raising a hand. I don’t know the inner workings but Gregg should have known he wasn’t going contribute before he accepted the offer. That last minute play is not cool but is better than doing what Spector did. And, he was at least gracious in his words… Anyway, bad day for America…I predict someone like Sebelius will be nominated for the position. The administration seems to have a short list of people they like and now it is a matter of filling in the remaining holes. Specific qualifications not withstanding.

[alert over]

On a non-partisan topic, I have a chest cold and it is pissing me off. Lots of little coughs. Irksome. At least, no puking.

MA put out some fertilizer today for our evil brown lawn. At least we do not have to worry about attack of the crabgrass like we did in Missouri. Of course, if we lived there, the ground would still be frozen… Spring should be a time for some golf for me – or so I do hope. I had my clubs regripped with Patriot grips (red/white/blue). Part of my $5.99 went to some fund to help families or fallen soldiers. Probably a nickel but that is better than 0 cents.

Got some Dundee beer at Costco… the Wheat was very delicious. The Pale was okay, the Bock wasn’t bad. I can’t believe that they had 40in LCDs for $600. Really pisses me off since I bought mine four or five months ago for almost a grand. Not that it matters since we can’t seem to finally convert to digital format… Wankers.

Finally, as I have mentioned before, I have a small bit of creativity within and wanted to get it out. So, I drafted a little 20 page children’s style book during lunch yesterday. It was funny to me and it is in very limited release. While not on the NY Times best seller list, it will have 100% critical acclaim…. Yahoo.

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