The work continues

Yes, I understand that not all want to read about the grim realities facing our country today… so here is me, doing some manual labor, which I detest. It goes without saying that if I were in the 250K tax bracket, I would be paying someone to do this…. Oh, you can see the handy dandy red elm that I planted after digging a hole nearly the size of the trade deficit (note, the first hole was fine until it was discovered that it is directly on top of our sprinkler pipes…). For those who wonder about such things, the stain is a “redwood” version from the Behr ‘premium’ collection at Home Depot. The damn stuff is 1) expensive and 2) prone to splatter all over you. Given how hard it is get off, I have no doubt that this was a sane investment for the beleaguered wood fence. They say it is ‘weatherproof’ not just ‘waterproof’ with an expected protection period of 4-6 years. I think it looks nice too. Next project is to get something in the planter box and the put in the border around the front tress and flower beds. More manual labor. More suckage from my bank account.

There was some pumpkin decorating too that has happened but more on that in the very near future. It might have been the picture of the week but alas, the big Ohio State Penn State game is on this weekend and that trumps most in this household.

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