Deja Vu all over again

Once again, our house came in second. The man from the very promising showing this morning decided to put an offer in on a different house, one within walking distance of his family.  Ours was a few blocks away.

We are getting tired of our house’s continuous second place showing.  This is now #6 (that we know about).

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  1. Chuck Says:

    Son, you are letting this get to you and upset you …. this of course is very understandable. The fact that your house has not sold, and to have been so close several time would upset even the calmest person.

    But as I said before …. ” Surprises come when you least expect them.” So try and let all the showing come and go …. When the right one comes, it will come.

    and IT WILL COME … patience is a vertue that I never did have, but I hope you do.

    Mr. & Mrs.Right will be coming along soon ……

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