Long time

Okay, still not officially on the grid but I wanted to squeak out an entry…

It LOOKS like we will close on the new house middle of next week. I say looks like since not a damn thing has gone as simply as it was suppose to in this deal. Otherwise, my big wide butt would already be sitting on a new couch, watchin the Celtics win on a new 50 or maybe 58 inch TV.

However, if that plays out, we will have a pile of stuff in there by the end of the week and if my computer is found in the PODS and we can get cable or FIOS service run, I will potentially post some pictures the 7th or 8th. I say POTENTIALLY because a lot of crap can happen, like damaged computers, broken monitors, lost box with all of the cables, can’t get FIOS stupid installers over in time, just too damn tired to do anything, etc. The subtle hint there is not to bug me about it if it isn’t there. It will be at some point.

Patience to all, especially those trying to keep three absolutely out of control children to go to bed.

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