Week 6

Posted in Uncategorized on August 20th, 2013 by Michael

Yes, it is the halfway mark of this pain
Hopefully, it will be worth it all and I have lots to gain

My counts were too low again this time
They gave me just a little poison, so the effects should be sublime

I have to skip my next treatment now
Got to have platelets for the doctor to allow

Not happy about the push into Thanksgiving
Bu for the next two weeks, I should have a better standard of living

Had some bad effects including neuropathy
The physical limitations really rocked my psychology

Had more digestive issues than you want to know
Ultimately, it meant more rest and tv game shows

The hair continues to hold the line
Most of what’s left is gray and fine

The beard starting to come out too
At least there are new episodes of Duck Dynasty, yahoo.

Going to Kansas for a charity event planned long ago
Some astronauts to dine with at the Marriott chateau.

That is it for this week, sorry I was late
But the port issues and counts, sort of just had me deflate.