Mission Complete

Posted in Housing Woes, Michael's thoughts, The Family on September 25th, 2011 by Michael

The other bed is now complete… and there will not be another, regardless of what Yoda might allude to (hope you all remember that reference).  This one was in a lot of ways easier — because I actually had some tools and of course more experience.  It was a little harder in that I was making it up as I went along versus having a set of plans.  The girls seem to like it.  Now, if it would only help them go to bed more nicely.

At least my next vacation is not spoken for now.  Of course, I just want to rest for a while. Between this, work, a trip to Canada, tee ball games and this damn cold I now have, I am ready for some high quality, extended nap action.

Well I am off for a while.  Will try and post something if anything conducive comes out of my ADD/OCD mind, besides the obvious (like Obama is a freaking liar, his people are crooks and Morgan Freeman is an idiot).

Been busy…

Posted in Michael's thoughts, The Family on September 13th, 2011 by Michael

First, let me say that I am SO looking forward to the election in 2012 even if it means that I have to sit through the seemingly endless commercials… and no, I do not mean Presidential speeches though I can understand why you might assume that.    It is really sad when it only takes 3 years to cheapen 230+ years of courage and conviction.  Politics aside — and I am generally not in favor if his — this man has really taken the office to an whole new low by his actions and character.  That is saying a lot consider Carter, Taft and a few others….  Makes me mad.  I wish we could have honest debate in this country and let people vote by conscience.  Unfortunately, we have Alinsky playbooks, political spin control, scandalous speechwriters, special interest groups buying favors and our electected or those hoping to be elected, men (and women) fronting it all.

That aside, bed is done minus some cosmetic updates.  More pictures in the future (or in the photo gallery) but Max seems like like it.  He better.  Lots of time went into it.  I shutter to think of the real cost of it but hard costs were about 1/2 of the asking price from the manufacture, and that includes buying a table saw and compound miter saw (which I always wanted anyway).  Now, on to make a castle bed for two girls who never want to go to bed anyway.

BTW, it is September?  How did that happen ?  At least the triple digits are mostly gone though it was 101 yesterday.