So, I didn’t do an update…

Posted in Uncategorized on July 7th, 2011 by Michael

Got busy, things happened, ATT has failed to get my bandwidth in my Houston bachelor pad, etc.  Anyway, I hope the holidays were purposeful.  Obama was on vacation, as usual, then blaming republicans for lack of progress, as usual.  Anyway, was thinking about the Star Spangled Banner and decided to borrow from it for a new American Poem (no, not the theme — that was an English drinking song).

In this land, we are all brothers.
Standing shoulder to shoulder, respecting and defending one another;
Challenges, hardships and great responsibility
Pale in comparison to opportunities and our liberty.

American is my home, it is my inspiration;
Diverse but united we stand for all to see
We will fight forever more, protecting it for you and me.

We are humbled by the lives that were lost
Of family and friends who suffered an enormous cost;
While hope and dreams occasionally strained
Our flag remains bright and forever unstained;
Every morning, every breath, the joy of freedom rings true
This is America, and I love her, all red, white and blue.

But we hold firm, strong and vigilant
Our faith and our future ever resilient;
So, disheartened from the fight, and the weight of the graves
Our spirit rises, and our flag, triumphantly waves.

Yes, those broad stripes and bright stars continue streaming
Within our great land and beyond, liberty’s light, still beaming;
Through bombs bursting and rockets glaring
Turmoil and anarchy reigns are flaring;
Their defeat inevitable, where free men do stand
It is the home of brave, neighbors one in this great land.