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Posted in Michael's thoughts on May 2nd, 2011 by Michael

Okay, so Osama bin Laden is dead. He was an evil man but that still does not necessitate the kind of celebration I saw on the news during the wee hours of the morning. Very much reminiscent of the views we see of radicals in other countries…that we deplore. Oh well, I get the sentiment. That said, there is little evidence that he was actually calling the shots anymore though psychologically, this was huge to a lot of people. Not so thrilled at Obama’s performance – not just the lackluster speech, which rambled, egotistical (HE – e.g. Obama, made this happen) and was forced – but the hour plus delay so his team could figure out how to stage this event. Hmmm. Whatever happened to just plain old honesty. You stumble through it? Maybe but that is fine. Be genuine. And what was with Geraldo scoping the story? Wow.

More important things…

Got back from a quick trip to Oregon. Got a client there but also gave me a good reason to see some old friends and relive some delicious hoppy flavors unknown west of the Cascades. Not only that, but the plane ride was actually smooth both ways (but of course, delayed each time but just a little). Scott and I went to the Raccoon Lodge – which just happened to be the site of Mary Ann and my first date. The place has changed a little – better brew masters and more hands on. You can literally walk around in the brewery. Nice. He also got a dog – which reminds me of a little Otto. I miss that beast. Ran into some old colleagues from Nike too. Had a nice Seattle based beer (which you can find elsewhere) – Mac and Jack’s African Amber. Smooth. VERY similar to the Kilkenny I found in Ireland.

I also had a little time before my flight so I got up at the crack of dawn (fortunately, easier since I had a built internal clock advantage of 2 hours) and drove to McMinnville to go to the Evergreen Museum. It is really an impressive place if you like planes. Not sure why I had been out that way before, but I do remember passing by it a few times but never stopping. Well, some of that I think was because the Spruce Goose was not yet in place (it took 8 years to prep it). They even have the little mockups that were used in the movie “Avaitor”.

Anyway, got there early, walked around took lots of pictures (which you can see in the gallery). In addition to planes, they have a few tanks, a firearms exhibit and a building dedicated to space (though it has some planes in it too!). They really need another building since it is planes planes planes everywhere! There have a Titan rocket which is very cool – Actually goes a couple of floors into the earth so you can actually get a feel of a missile silo. Kind of makes me a little sad that SpaceFest will not be in the cards this year since it will be in Arizona and side trips to “The BoneYard” and some missile silos are available – but sister in law weddings do take precedent. While there though, I might have the chance to motor up to Dayton to see the Air Force Museum. I am pretty sure no one will miss me! Next up – given my golfing vacations are limited due to the ACL – I think will be the Cosmosphere in Kansas. Neat place – and if you did not know – it is where they build most of the replica’s you see in museums (well, when they do not come from the original manufacture). Gosh, there is a lot of cool crap in America!

Guess, that is it for now – from me and the toothless one (see POTW). Got to earn a few bucks to pay for this expense Gas we are forced to contend with while Obama is off campaigning for reelection.