I know…

Posted in Michael's thoughts, Political Opinions, Ranting, The Family on March 21st, 2011 by Michael

Geez… my PC is flakey.  I so miss my little Mac.  It will be nice to get home to it.  And having a kitchen.  And sleeping in my own bed.   And watching whatever I want on it.  And picking out different clothes than I have been wearing for almost two weeks.  And, of course, not driving in crazy Houston traffic.

I also am looking forward to going through all of the pictures we took this past week (which sadly, I fear may have a “keep” rate in 20% range based on what I saw) and getting them posted (which may take some time).

And yes, I am looking forward to going to the store and actually hearing English spoken.   I know I am no longer in any majority status in Texas – outside of maybe in the majority of people actually paying taxes so others can live legally and illegally off of the revenue.  But, that is another story….

Sorry I have not posted in a while but not having my computer up and running when the thought hits me generally leads to me doing something else and not coming back to it.  Plus, there really is not that much going on.  And of course, WordPress – the app used for the blogging – keeps getting upgraded and that moves stuff around so I have to go figure out how  to use it all of the time.

Anyway, new POTW coming on Saturday per the usual custom.  I’ll figure out how to do it later from my PC in the event I am out of town again.  Everyone seemed to have a good time outside of the normal meltdowns by the kids.  At least they all have cowboys boots now.  Yes, even me.

I did go in search of an apartment to keep instead of hotelling it all of the time.  However, this area of town is very expensive.  I can’t believe I would almost pay the same as my mortgage for an apartment ¼ the size.  You would think 1000sq ft is big enough but it feels like a closet!  I think that is because 10% of the space is dedicated to closets.  Not sure why that is…  More on that as decisions are made.  At this point, nothing strikes me a perfect.  Good luck trying to figure that out on-line.  Not a review site out that can agree on an apartment complex.  They all have crime, roaches, bitches in the office, barking dogs, loud neighbors, etc.  Argh.

Yes, we did get an ipad2 – in case you were wondering.   MA set it up herself while I was gone.  No, we really didn’t need it but then again, need is so subjective.  If you are in a union, needs include significant income from unnecessary overtime, elaborate pensions, special work rules that stifle productivity enhancement, nominal performance requirements, guaranteed raises, etc.  the rest of us don’t see those as needs but as unnecessary and illegitimate power grabs.  But, that is another story too.

Not too happy about paying so much for gas…I guess Cheney and his big oil friends are back to making tons of money as they manipulate oil prices from the White House.  Oh wait, he is not in the White house any more.  So, I wonder… what could be keeping prices so high?  I know it is not issues in the middle east – we learned that wars with folks like Iraq , which actually pump a lot of oil for the US, are not the cause (it was Cheney, remember?).  therefore, it certainly could not be wars with Libya (which produces next to nothing <2% of the oil) that is driving it up.  I wonder when someone will ask Barack about that and accurse Joe Biden of stockpiling wealth (afterall – BP and other oil giants contributed heavily to their campaign).  No, not holding my breath on that one.  I doubt it will come up  if and when Barack returns from this critical trip to Brazil….  I wonder what he is going to say to the ambassador of Japan upon his return.  Probably nothing.  Pissed off the UK, our strongest ally.  Oh well.  Might as well piss off Japan too – -they have only been our most stable partner in the region.  True ‘nuff, but that too is another story.

BTW, my march madness picks have gotten a lot better after that initial drubbing.  Yes, some ref calls helped….

Whatelse… did you see that moon?  Wish I had had my camera and telescope.  Oh well, I am sure I can see it on youtube or facebook – you know, sources of information these days.  It use to be the media, before they sold out, and then there was Fox News, which is good about 50% of the time.  Of course, both of them went psycho over non stop coverage of nuclear fallout, random bombings and worse yet, Charlie Sheen…..

More later.