Crap. it has been so long, I forgot how to post

Posted in The Family on August 30th, 2010 by Michael

Okay, not going to go crazy here and wax on for five pages about the idiots in Washington or how they make me only marginally sicker than the idiots not in Washington that send them there.  We got 65 days or so to figure that out and hopefully, convince those around us to do the same.  Fortunately, my Representative is a quality person with values that match not only my own, but those of the founders of this great nation.  That means, I can focus elsewhere — like say, on Eddie Bernice Johnson — a stereotypical problem in government.

And, no I am not going to spend anytime talking about the “duh” factor, such as when Obama “conceded” that the economy is still struggling as new reports have 1 out of 6 getting some type of support from me (via Washington).  Of course, it is all Bush’s fault in inheriting the worst situation ever known to man (though he keeps forgetting the only “bad” years in the previous administration, outside of 2002 after 9/11 were 2006-2008, when not surprisingly, congress was firmly controlled by Democrats).  But, it is Bush’s fault.  We  know that.  He, and all other drones, remind us of that daily.  By the way, has he trademarked that yet?

Again, not going to spend time there since the abyss that he is creating is consuming.  BTW, I liked the movie, “The Abyss” even if it was directed by the coward James Cameron — who publicly put down the gauntlet on debating anyone who claimed global warming was a farce but then backed out …. Wuss.  Why is it that talented people in one field are such loons in another?  Stick to what you know, okay?

Anyway, this is about going back to school.  I am, without a doubt, so pleased that this no longer applies to me…but I digress.  Plus, a picture (you can click on them below for a larger image) is worth so much more than my words on a piece of electronic paper.  So, here you go: