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I think you may have out did yourself this week son.    

The picture of the week is  PERFECT

Has it really been a week?

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Obviously rhetorical.

I guess it sort of just zoomed by. With all of the events and weirdness at work, it is kind of a blur. The fact that Max has morphed from being a great sleeper to a pain in the ass, it is surprising I remember half of the days…WE are starting to remember them as 1-max nights, 2-max nights or 3-max nights. I am way too old for this crap.

Interestingly he has taken to not going to bed well either. Stands in his crib and screams just for fun. However, as soon as you go in there, he does hit the deck and pretend to sleep. Pretty comical if not such a drag on our own visits to the sandman.

As I think I mentioned, the company I work for got bought. Not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing. All depends on what the new mothership decides to do once it is finalized in January. I suppose I can not worry too much about it.

Spent last week in Dayton. I guess I do not need to say more than that for those that have been there. And as is usual, my trip back was full of delays. Two hours for the plane (mechanical difficulties) and then thunderstorms that caused us to route way out of our way (like Georgia) before heading towards Texas. Still, we had a full on shake and bake happening. I’ve been in worse but I prefer none at all.

Then we had the Church festival this weekend, which started with Max puking. Then Meghan puking. Then we thought we were puke free so to the festival we went. After some games, and a hot dog, the puking returned. We has taken two cars (since I went early to help with the set up), the pukers returned home and Z and I were left trying to figure out how to spend the rest of our tickets.

There was face painting:

There were more games:

There was some bounce house action:

Then lines for some more games:

A brief dance exhibition:

Then the infamous cake walk:

I say infamous as this is what she really wanted to do though it took a while to figure out exactly what TO do. After doing it twice she came to me and said she wanted to go do the cake walk, and after I explained that was what she was doing, she told me that just wanted to win a cake. Well, duh! I had myself a comfy seat and a pocket full of tickets so we did the cake walk, again and again and again. Finally, she won her cake (she picked cupcakes) on her last try (as I ran out of tickets). They were expensive cupcakes… but charity is about the giving, right ?

Anyway, home we went and only one more bought of puking. Then Sunday, MA decided that she might have the little pepto gremlin…but alas, it passed while all stayed internal. I grilled out in the rain, just like I use to do in Oregon on a regular basis. I ate meat, drank some wine, reflected positively that I didn’t do any puking and got ready for another week of fun.

I also decided that I probably should not get a car this year given the uncertainty of the future, even if they are fully tax deductable. Texas has a pretty good tax plan so I can also deduct the tax as an expense within the itemization so I am not really loosing out that much. Of course, I might change my mind if any killer deals arrives in terms of incentives. I drove a Nissan Murano while in Ohio. It was a pretty sweet ride. Given the price point, I would have put it on the list if I was looking for a cross over.

I have also been thinking about just tossing in the towel and going all Mac at home. I am so use to the PC though…However, I know windows 7 is three weeks away, I need to get a new HD since mine is at capacity and well, just a lot of churn is going to happen. Still, they are spendy. Hopefully, when the new models come out this week, we will see price drops. I’d do a mini mac if I could get it powerful enough without breaking the bank. I can always run the few windows only apps I have in a virtual machine.

For politics, just have not followed much this week. Saw that the IOC rejected Obama – which is strange since he is the world’s uniting force. Actually, it is Bush’s fault. Already heard that. Really don’t care one way or another but probably a little glad it is not here – it would mean more security issues in the air. I would it interesting that almost 50% of Chicago residents did not want it there. Reasons varied form disruption to concern about cost and even MORE corruption of local officials. That’s pretty powerful stuff.

I see that the healthcare lies continue including today’s photo op with “gasp” 100 doctors… I also saw that Massachusetts continued to sell its soul to the liberal left in defiance of the will of the people (well, they deserve it if they allow them in office). I mean, really, Barney Frank? Please.

I also noted that Obama basically approved a resolution on the world stage to limit freedom of expression. No big surprise there. Interesting our partner in the resolution was Egypt. I guess other stalwart human rights advocates from North Korea and China were busy. Speaking of which, Mr open arms, pushed off the Dalai Lama for a meeting with Chinese leaders. Guess when rubber hits the road, we know where Obama stands. Okay with meeting terrorists. Not so much as man of peace. Interesting.

Got a freaking all day meeting tomorrow while I try and squeeze in real work. I’d like to think tonight will be a good sleeping night but I am thinking Meghan will be up later once things wear off… Thankfully, kids are tough, even when they take spills on the concrete. Ice and a mango blue frozen ice drink does wonders though.