Happy Easter

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Obama free ( I just wish the rest of us were from his policies)

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I got a lot out of my systems on the last one but I am not done. That said, I have some random thoughts I figured I would post.

  • I think there will be a new iPhone in June (and I’ll probably buy it)
  • Apple is not that avant guard. If people didn’t think they were cool, they would be lambasted for their closed environment.
  • Blu-ray rocks. I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. Watched ‘Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back’ the other night and could not get over how sharp it was. Just got Cars – that should be fun too.
  • Liberals, in small doses, are good for the country. In large does, they are debilitating. Like, wine.
  • I am thinking about donating money to a political cause – for the first time in my life.
  • The tax code is not simple and I firmly believe that no one in the IRS, actually read the “paperwork reduction act”.
  • I think it is funny that when you combine The IRS, you get the word “theirs”.
  • I would have liked Tiger to win the Masters, but it is too soon. The fact that he won at Bay Hill is astounding. I predict he will grab the Open or the US Open.
  • I’ve not played nearly enough golf lately.
  • I think Clinton has turned out to be a worse Sec of State than any of us had thought. Hopefully, she will turn it around.
  • I’m going to write my congressman and ask for new legislation on wind power in residential areas.
  • We are going to some radiant barrier stuff for our attic this year.
  • Tuna sandwiches with jalapenos are awesome (especially if toasted).
  • We are going to get a new car. Not sure if it will replace mine or MA’s yet. If the ‘fleet modernization’ bill happens, it is likely to be mine. If Toyota comes out with a Hybrid Sienna, MAs.
  • Hybrids still do not make sense financially (unless you go with a Camry). We are doing it for other reasons.
  • My elementary reunion is in a couple of weeks. I’m actually interested in it.
  • I am really interested in the new Star Trek film. May 6th
  • Why don’t they have normal sized mannequins?
  • I am so glad spelling is not one of the critical virtues.
  • I hate reality TV

The kids are in Texas now, that is for sure as evidenced by the explosion of bluebonnets. That concept of not picking them is still a little green however. Don’t call the authorities.

If summoned, I guess I could call the ACLU. They have lawyers with plenty of time on their hands since they refuse to take much action on the current administration (aka the hand that feeds them).

Max continues to try and assert himself in a world of pushy sisters. He is not shy about trying things.

Meghan continues to be 2. She has moments of getting past it, but they are short lived.

Mackenzie is starting to revert back into being a jealous kid with tantrums from time to time. Not fun. She just has not realized that in a war of wills, she is on the losing side.

MA finished her diet regime. Now, we can go back to eating normal food. I think the grill has missed me. I doubt our Indian neighbors have. Ah, the smell of charred cow. Love it.

I bought a ‘chin up’ bar – you know one of those that you see on TV that attaches to the door? Well, I can do one. Talk about humiliating. I guess that is a start. I feel like bitch-slapping that ‘bow flex’ guy on TV that says he is 42 and in the best shape of his life.

Speaking of which, buy more’ sham wows’… his defense lawyers need the money.

It has been about a year since I bought a cookie jar. Is that too long? Actually, we are looking to consolidate the collection a little. The first cut will be easy. Then it is going to get hard in a hurry. I should have thought more about the crap I have when I bought this house versus the people. We are adaptable. Boxes are not.

We may have to start going vertical with our ‘art work’. I have no experience with that special dynamic. Plus, I’m going to have to get a bigger ladder.

Okay, it has been a while

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The truth is that I have been a little busy. I went from overwhelmed to empty and then back again. That is the nature of the beast, I suppose. The amount of work is not so grand, it is the timing and the fact that the peak loads are aligning at the same time. I know – quit my bitching. I have a job after all.

Even while busy, I have blogged. Many times in fact just not posted them. Pages and pages actually. In the end, I am feeling no more satisfied. In fact, melancholy often overtakes me as I reflect on the emotions experienced. Why? Well, I mostly write about what is going on in my world (not much) and what is going on in the greater world (not much good). To wax on about the perils that we are facing is just unsettling since it is not about some distant land but our own. It is my children’s future and it doesn’t shine with the same luster as it once did.

And I am not talking about stem cell research (a political maneuver to funnel money ) or closing of CIA holding camps, but real issues. I’m sad and frustrated to the point of being tired. Maybe that was the plan… whip people into a frenzy until they just give up in the futility. And, of course, make sure it is on an off election cycle. Actually, I think the liberal machine and the Obamauter machine figure to strike while the iron is hot and post election bliss (and revisionist history and hysteria run amok). It is the slip the pill into the mac and cheese plan. And, to be blunt, Americans are obese.

It is no surprise that I remain upset with the media bias and frankly, activist stance hidden and repackaged as news. I’ve said this once… we have nominal if any integrity left by these newspapers. There is one page of factual news surrounded by ads and op ed pieces called articles. In some ways I am saddened by the demise of them, in others, it seems like justice. Now, the message will be carried forward by the bloggers and You Tube, of which Obama’s investments in mailing lists, etc are well planned. However, all is not well in that space. The opposition finally woke up and realized it is a new world and Obama and friends have gotten arrogant. While they demand the bloggers carry forth their message (to which they gleefully do), they have decided that they do not owe them anything in return. This is starting to irritate a few that rely on click throughs, donations, etc. to continue. Ah, I guess the idol worship is a little less on principles and a little more on the almighty (but but soon to be devalued ) greenback.

What I want is the CBO to have a newspaper and the “white house” press to simply provide transcripts. It would do all American’s a service by reporting the facts, not skewing them, misrepresenting them, deflecting them (like US headlines about Britian’s fascination with Michelle Obama while UK papers were reporting on the protests) or simply not reporting them (aka the Acorn – Obama relationship that the NYT’s decided not to run since it was a ‘game changer’ in the elections).

I also want consistency in the world by people (I know – fat chance!). What do I mean? Well, Obama’s team plays fast and furious with speeches and actions. Say one thing, do another. He signs a bill with 8000+ earmarks (none by McCain, BTW) after he campaigned he was opposed to them. But, he made a speech saying “it was the last time”. He talks about stem cells and how science and not politics will drive policies, yet he curtails to the global warming nuts who seem to be at a loss for facts from time to time. He blamed Bush for the budget deficit though HE was in congress and voted for the bills that put us there. He lamented about the Stock Market and how much people are hurting due to policies around pensions/401Ks yet, it was the democratic controlled Senate that passed the law in the first place (and Obama voted for it – interesting since he likes to vote ‘present’ a lot). BTW, I’m not railing against the bill – it is a good idea, just the hypocrisy of the response. Teacher unions up in arms about Bush’s ‘no child left behind’ policy though it was supported by democratic poster child, and now revered figure, Ted Kennedy. Speaking of idiots (and this one is plural), what about the ACLU? Rights of conservatives getting trampled all over the place but not a peep? What about the strong arm union plans for card checks – wait, that is silence you hear – except from other idiots like Maddow and Reid who are exposing it as a way to SAFEGUARD the right to have unions. Are you freaking kidding me? Neither the press or the ACLU seems to have any issues with AG Holder’s position of upholding privileged information or wiretapping policies that were ROUTINELY blasted as examples of the “elite, power hungry” Bush Whitehouse. Interesting. What about liberal activist, Patricia Kneisle, who decided to stop holding her very public vigil about the war since Obama was elected. Why, because “people seem conflicted” to protest while he was in office (and now, responsible).

BTW, someone – anyone – remind the Whitehouse that they have a Chief protocol officer – I know it might be tough to locate them given the historically large Whitehouse staff and all of the political operatives having found “deputy” “advisor” and “czar” jobs there. I would have thought they got the message over the slight of the Prime Minister (DVDs that were not even PAL format; toy helicopters, returning a Churchill bust). I don’t care if you give the Queen an IPOD (even if it was made in China) but to put your own speeches on it? Lame, dude. Lame. Bowing to the King of Saudi? Inexcusable.

And, transparency? Yeah, my ass. It is well documented that he has not lived up to that in terms of congressional actions or much else.

But the machine is strong and cunning. In response to some claims that Barack can’t speak without the ubiquitous teleprompter, do they deny it? No, the have folks like Letterman show examples of Bush’s mangling of the English language. American’s just forgot the whole issue of the teleprompter while laughing at and rejoicing in the fumbling figure in Bush. Hmmm. Seems to me that this is an endorsement that Bush would have been great if he had used a teleprompter? Their image consultants are magicians…

Personally, I think – and blast away – that Barack is far more interested in looking good than doing good. That is not to say that I think he is trying to harm to America but I DO think he is playing to his party, who has a vested interest not in those that are successful but those that a) want to be successful and sadly b) those that resent those that are successful.

I have therefore come to the conclusion that I am no fan of the Barack administration. I thought originally that it was maybe I was not happy about the gloating, the unfair treatment of Bush, the hypocrisy, maybe just some of the policies…. But nope, 75 days in, I think I am just not impressed or more accurately, I am just not happy. Since I tend to me metaphor man, it is like Brett Favre. You want him to succeed. You like the man. But, there are just too many interceptions. It costs Mangini his job. It will cost America more.

Really, I believe that the epitome of the Barack mantra is that Sally Fields speech “you like me, you really like me”. That is why he continues to denigrate the United States in the eyes of the world. That’s not leadership but I’ll come back to that in a minute.

So, habitual liar Biden said that Barack would be tested early as president and that it was not a place for ‘on the job training’. He is right (oh, the irony in typing that). So how has he done? Crappy. Is that because he doesn’t have a clue or he is just going in the wrong direction? Later topic. Here are the facts:

  • We pissed out the country of Britain through our ineptitude (as reported above) and our stance that they were just “one of our allies”
  • We mispronounce Russian dignitary names
  • We denounce currect relations and suggest we should “reset” them to the above Russians
  • We asked NATO allies for help in Afghanistan (they told us to pound sand)
  • We watch as North Korea fires missiles – then wag our fingers at them as say ‘rules are rules’
  • We announce renewed interest in the war in Afghanistan but loose the Manas Air Base in Kyrgyzstan – which was designed to specifically support that effort.
  • Barack bows to the King of Saudi Arabia (note: the Whitehouse is now spinning that as ‘the king was short!” even if he is taller than the queen).
  • We tried to invoke diplomatic arrangements with Iran via the’ You Tube’ approach.
  • Kind of irked a few allies when Big Boy Biden thanked Spain for their [non-existent] help in Iraq.
  • The fall back plan on improving relationship with Castro and Chavez went over like a lead balloon. Nice to know that they think he is an “ignoramus”.
  • No comment on Russia’s idea of maybe putting a bomber base in Cuba. Hmm, didn’t we go through this once?
  • We irk our “friends” in Pakistan by circumventing their leadership in announcing air strikes.
  • Oh, and we encouraged them to make friends with the Taliban (well, you know, the moderate ones).
  • While IN Turkey, sort of passed on the issue of the Armenian genocide, despite complaining about it for years.
  • Cheesed off the leader of Brazil.
  • We tried to push our agenda around global stimulus and Merkel and Sarkozy basically gave us the finger. Then Barack decided he was there to listen and not lead…
  • We ignored our best allies in Asia (India) on the first major foreign policy trip by the Sec of State.
  • We let China know that we would ratchet down the human rights hyperbole that was a staple of the democratic party (wink wink: please sink more money in the American economy).
  • Paralyzed by an itsy bitsy boat holding a tug hostage. Hmm. Warship vs. fishing boat. Hell, even the French are willing to kick pirate ass.
  • BUT, he did get a photo shot of him hugging a soldier while visiting Iraq. Finally, something for the papers to print.

Okay, those are the actions and they are troubling. I mean, it almost takes effort to screw up that many things in only 75 days – especially when the focus has been on screwing up the domestic agenda. But what about the words…. US (aka liberal) papers are reporting global goodwill towards America now due to Barack. – Sorry, had to flush –. I wonder why. Well, besides the general political agenda it is due to a change in strategy and I think this is what turned me from “will see” to “were screwed”. So, Barack has made an ACTIVE campaign abroad to do one thing: lessen the role of American influence in the world. Now, this is a philosophical issue and some maybe wholeheartedly agree with it (hmm, I wonder who). I don’t. I love America and I absolutely believe that we have a responsibility to be true to our values. I’m sick of people who shirk from them and/or are embarrassed by them. Patriotism shouldn’t be presented as a disease but as an honor. Let’s not be swayed by the hypocrisy of the rest of the world. They may resent us for being strong but they rely on it. They may hate our ‘culture’ (if you call McD and KFC culture) but they gobble it up. They look down on us as if we are brash, lazy and unintelligent heathens without a sense of appreciation. Yet, we do more to advance the arts (by volume of artists, symphonies, orchestras and museums if nothing else) that any other country and one of the highest worker productivities seen in the world. Let us not forget the advances in medicine, science and other areas. I mean, do you need to build a fence around any other country to keep people from flocking to it? I didn’t think so. Whose door does the poor and the desolate and the harmed come knocking on in their time of need? Who has been so compassionate and generous to their enemies? So, if we are at the age of decline as so many liberal “intellectuals” profess, I guess the rest of world didn’t get the message. Or is it that the rest of the world is too arrogant to admit that we have an important role in the world today?

The world has become a consortium of sorts but that does not mean equal. I’m not suggesting we take an expansionist view but I am absolutely not ashamed of trying to promote basic rights – -with respect the sovereignty of other nations and cultures. I do not apologize like Obama for our influence on the world economy. I will not knock my country, like Obama has, for our success. I will not blame my country, like Obama has, for others wanting to emulate us. Is that being arrogant, like Obama says? I do not think so. In this world, you can be one of the leaders or not. Obama doesn’t believe America should lead. With that attitude, it is obvious now that he can’t either.

Is that harsh? Maybe so. But we are the quarterback of this world team. We trained for it over the years. How will we do it if we went in there and said “what play do you want to call”. Obama is in love with the EU’s ideas and their structure. He wants us to be like the French. Well, remind me, who likes the French? They are all for the EU as long as it benefits them. Get in a war and need their help to guarantee that freedom, we get the French equivalent of “no mas”. Have a reciprocal tax and they yell about discriminatory practices. Suggest that we will not give them special favors, and they prohibit business in their country (look at a clothing label lately? Remember the itunes/ipod issue)? Luckily, the world can do without the French. I do not think the world could deal with America taking the same liaise fare attitude. Then again, I may be just a stupid, arrogant American.

I’m a little pissed off that Barack, after trying to throw us all under the bus for some sort of pseudo-intellectual, lovefest arrangement with those that could care less (note how well he was able to convince Merkel to ‘partner’ with us as equals), that he pushes it further to suggest we are not a Christian country any more. I get there are a lot of non-Christians in America but the bottom line is that this country was founded by Christians and its sole basis for operation is on the Christian faith. If you can not support that, go somewhere else. I’m not asking you to go to Church or make a some sort of affirmation. I’m asking that everyone respect our laws and their intent. Otherwise, no one is making one stay. And, I really don’t want to hear any bullshit about how one is trying to change the system from the inside. It can not be changed. Even though activist “judges” want to try and rewrite laws versus doing their job of validating them, there is no escape that America is foundationally run by basic Christian tenets. I suppose if you want to extricate the religion and support the morality, I’m good with that. While Barack and his liberal cronies in congress, seeming have forgotten much of the constitution – at least that part about how redistribution of wealth is fatal, how personal accountability is critical, etc – they do at least still give lip service to the fact that the power in this country is in the people. Sometimes that is a crutch, sometimes it is bastardized, but I THINK fundamentally, they get it (well, maybe not Pelosi).

If you think I am smoking something special related to our laws and how they were based on the natural laws (aka God’s laws), go read the letters of Jefferson, Washington, Adams, and even Franklin. It is right there in black and white. It is amazing how many so called ‘academics’ seem to fail to remember all of this as they tend to bash conservatives and constitutionalists and try and push so called progressive thought. Dude, if it ain’t broken…then again, I guess they have to do something to warrant their W2s (even if shockingly, much of it is coming from those great unwashed they are so hell bent on defacing).

And since I am on the subject… all of these celebrities (actors, singers, athletes) who love to use their status as a pulpit, I say bite me. Why is your opinion worth any more than say, a school teacher or someone that actually knows what they are talking about? Why does America get their scientific information about the environment from Al Gore? Last I checked, his expertise was telling lies, not science. Sean Penn? Man, if things are so bad, leave (Robin – who should have divorced him years ago — is welcome to stay). Go to France or Russia or wherever he things the grass is greener and see if people give him the time of day, an opportunity to actually speak or their money. Wait. He knows better. He – like more than not – have it good here. Just like all of the other nut jobs that didn’t leave though they promised to in 2004. Again, I am not saying it could not be better but there is constructive support and then there is self affirming grandstanding. That is one reason I do not care for Rush. He has forgotten what his purpose is… and it is not to stroke his ago. People like Bill Maher and Michael Moore.. well, they are egotists and misguided. You really can’t fix stupid.

I read an article recently (and I am expanding it here) that part of the problem with America is that it is governed by liberals (not just the politicians but the press and the media heroes) that see the rest of America (aka that between DC, NY, LA and SF) as simply fly over space fit for only the lowly and unimportant people. Well, I do not think the heartland is some sort of barren area but the backbone AND life blood of this country. I fear that their compassion and their general acceptance that others are good and well meaning (aka politicians) is misplaced. Admirable as it is. They spend most of their day working, being with their families, helping in their communities, etc. They may catch some of the media swill on the news and probably just assume it is true. However, the facts will emerge…somehow. And sooner than later, they will rise up and demand the respect they deserve. At that point, we should all be able to say without impunity, how proud of America we all are.