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Well, our short foray into Spring has come and gone. Luckily, we are not getting back to real winter, just less desirable weather. All in all not bad considering there is no snow on the ground. Still not golf weather though. I did break down and buy myself a $50 spreader – just the ticket to be some pre-emergent crab grass killer down. That stuff is nasty in KC.

I was able to sneak out to the range and hit my new driver yesterday. I was not impressed. More so, with myself than the club. Then again, I think I paid extra to overcome my limitations so maybe it truly is at fault. I am really on the brink of actually thinking about a swing change and, gasp, a lesson. Tiger can do it, so should I. It was too bad that he came up a putt and miraculous chip in from his 9th straight victory, but it was not a bad run. Plus, now he can focus on the Masters. I do not have a good feeling about it though. Every athlete peaks and then has to regroup. I think he needs some down time. Running the engine in the red line only works for so long. Of course, I could be wrong…

One thing I am not wrong about is the stupidness of the idotic preoccupations with Obama’s (now ex) preacher. Jesus (pun intended), the press is still talking about it. Let it go. Talk about Hillary’s lies around her experiences or heroic escape from death (the infamous ‘I’m wearing a bullet proof jacket so there must be gun fire over my head and that makes me a great leader’ episode). Talk about her unwillingness to release her tax forms. Talk about her failure on health care reform. Talk about McCain’s calling out the world leadership. Talk about Obama’s inability to frame the election and draw out real issues and solutions. Talk about something other than some stupid comments made on some inconsequential stage by someone who really just liked to hear himself talk.

We could talk about what a whack job Pelosi is – wait, there is not enough bandwidth at Sprint to carry that story through the internet. We could talk about how Democrats have slow rolled discussions on saving Social Security, but that would be an issue and then people would have to take sides and be held accountable. Wait, it is Washington, so maybe that is far fetched. We could talk about how doing the right thing is the wrong thing (e.g. recent Supreme Court rulings that went against Bush, who was trying to introduce common sense justice). Actually, that is an interesting topic all together – not the Medellin case specifically, but situations where right is wrong. Alas, that would take more synaptic power than I possess right now.

I was playing with the Mac photobooth software and this is what I would look like if I supersized everything I ate and/or was related to that reception guy on ER. Note: is that show still on TV? Speaking of which, I thought Brittney was the bomb on “how I met your mother”. Looked sweet. She should stay that way. Since she is from a trailer park, these lessons might help. While driving, say no to the hooch and yes to the knickers. More trailer park education in future blog episodes

What else… Seems like good bowling is in the air with my old league teammates turning in some good scores (217 and 207 respectively). My 237 must have inspired them since they didn’t roll the rock like that back in the day. I’m itching to get out again and tempt fate. I fear I know the outcome already.

Baptism is this coming weekend. The throngs are due to arrive shortly. Saturday is going to be a LONG day as with a stroke of luck, we have first communions occurring at the same Mass. The feast will have to wait an extra half hour I guess. You are suppose to drink the wine, after the event, right? Anyway, given the time it will be when we get out of church, we are going trailer park this time around and ordering pizza. No homemade BBQ this time around. I guess that will have to wait for the house to sell (as if!) or some weather above 60 degrees.

In case anyone was interested, Maxwell’s favorite color is orange and Mackenzie’s is purple. She tells us this several times every day (Meghan, MA and my favorite colors seem to rotate daily).

Phone is now working again

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Phone is now working again.

She is three 111

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I find it so hard to get my poor brain to relize that Mz is already three …. not only that but there is now three in the Robbins househould … will there be FOUR ???

It is with great love that we look at those picture each day,  wishing we could be closer to be able to see them.


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A couple of new picts are up for Easter.  Birthday pictures will be up tomorrow (probably).

We know our phone is not working.  The customer service oriented people at the phone company have been called.  If it is important, call MA’s cell phone

Bowling score

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That was an impressive score.  It far beats my highest score of 183, which only occurred during a Wii bowling tournament.  The most impressive game I saw during the tournament was a 299- it’s a real shame that he missed that very last strike.  Anyways, my teammate and I made it to the third round of the tournament.   Wii bowling is a lot easier that real bowling!

Today I blog

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Why, because I am finally over the hump of this stupid cold that has been doggin me all week. I guess that is too soft of a term. Its’ been kicking my ass and if I were not responsible for making money to continue with heat within the house, I would have chucked it all for a series of naps. I actually did have a Nyquil moment on Tuesday but found myself back slaving to the email machine later that night.

Plus, I am in a good mood or I was. I went bowling yesterday. About a month ago, I went out for a couple of beers and some lane management with my buddy Scott while on a trip to Oregon. It got me to miss the beast that occupied many a Wednesday nights back in the day. Anyway, I was feeling nauseous sitting at my desk typing away beneath the fluorescent bars so I decided to get out to get some air. I figured bowling a game or two would be good for me (plus, start to build up those flabby arms). I first stopped and got a Whopper to help settle the gurgling. Once I knew I wouldn’t be puking, I went to the lanes. If you don’t know, bowling alleys are empty during the day. Of the 36 lanes, I think three or four were being used. Mostly parents with kids – it is spring break. The short of it is that I bowled like the mad hatter at a mercury factory.













Okay, good score. No. Best score ever (eclipsing a previous 221) and this being the third time I rolled the rock in over the last three years. I decided not to push fate and stopped after just the one game. Interestingly – and obvious – I bowled better at around 85% of normal velocity. It inspired me to try that at golf.

Good segment way… I was in a good mood so I went to Golf Galaxy to look at the new Scotty Cameron putters. Well, they didn’t have any and in fact most of the SCs were locked up. That irks me but I’ll get over it. So, I meandered around looking at drivers. I had thought about getting a new one ever since the Golf Magazine Equipment issue I picked up at some airport (note: print is not dead!). These things are HUGE now and the one that I picked out in the magazine just did not look right (think Volkswagen on the end of a stick). I went back to their trade in area and pulled a Titleist (I use to play Titleist when I was young, had real cartilage in my shoulder, and still some flexibility). It looked different and I noted it was a current model (lots of trade in stuff is old crap). It was 50% off the new price and in good shape. I put it down, liked the look of it, took a waggle and noticed that shaft was a board. That was probably reason for the drastic markdown – not many people can swing a shaft with torque of 2.2. I stepped into the simulator (note: I’m getting one installed as soon as I win the lottery), dropped one 262 right down the middle. Now, I normally hit the ball 285 or so with the driver but given that I had no warm up, this was the first swing of the year, I was satisfied. I bought it. I also got some cloths for MA (Liz Golf) which I now have to return… Anyway, looking forward to hitting my driver in real life and selling my barely used Calloway Ft-5 (which is a good stick – I just do not like the sound). Hopefully both will happen before April 2.

My goal this year is to get back to being a 10 handicap (GHIN, not score). I think I will put some ego off the tee on the sideline for fairways. 85% power should still move the balls 250 or so. Now, I just have to find time and money to play. Mostly, time.

Due to the cold, no new pictures of Max have been taken. I’ll work on that this weekend after the fence. I decided to put back the ceiling in the basement since I just do not know how to fix the ridge without taking that beam out – which is not something that I can do alone or quickly. If someone wants to buy the house, I guess I’ll have to sweeten the pot a little.

Z keeps talking about her birthday and then oscillating between being “a big girl” and being a “baby”. We are all hoping for big girl since they go potty, the mind mommy and daddy and they do not throw toys or cry when they do not get their way.

Whatelse… oh, I am sick of this crap about Obama’s preacher. You would think that he is his VP candidate given all of the attention the press is putting on it. Interestingly, not much is going around about the release of some of Hillary’s first days in the white house (well, the parts that were not blacked out). Interesting tidbits…Shows her experience in foreign affairs (like visiting hospitals as part of a “first lady” tour). Yeah, take that Barack! Also shows her support of NAFTA (which she hoodwinked Ohio into thinking she was against – and through some mud on Obama’s campaign manager at the same time). Showed she was home when Bill was … being Bill and nearly the same time she went out on all out campaign to smear Republicans for the inquiry – which sidebar, was pretty stupid. The Republicans did turn into junkies about this, just as the Democrats in the House have done about the war and it stopped the governing process. Again, have a cause, not a crusade. Anyway, the issue I have with the Republican’s at the time was that it really wasn’t our (or their) concern that Bill was boinking Monica (personally not my type, and more importantly, I don’t care). It should have been our concern that he was breaking the law – sexual harassment in this case (fed statues are very strict about this definition). That is where he should have been challenged. Then, of course, the whole under oath thing is bad too. Good thing his voluntary disbarment has hurt him financially…. Back to the campaign. Can the convention come soon enough? I don’t think so. Interestingly, Clinton supports volunteered to pay for a re-election in Michigan and Florida. That reads well in the press. Glad someone told them to pound sand. Richardson just announced he will support Obama. That should swings some votes – 3 or 4, maybe.

Thankfully, we have March Madness to somewhat diffuse the non-stop Hillary/Barack show. Never a huge fan of college basketball, but thank you. I did my picks, including some upsets. Most came true. I always pick Xavier in the deals because I like their name but this time they were the favorites, so I went against my gut. Xavier won for my only lost pick on day 1.

Tiger Woods was Tiger Woods last week. Ice in his veins. I am in awe.

Okay, mental break is over. Back to the grind and the sniffles.

What?? Two weeks has gone by?

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I think that translates into about 6 hours of sleep, I think…

I know most of you care about what is happening with me less than you do with the technology involved in the new five dollar bills, and yes, I appreciate that this is about 650% more than you care about the election, but it is my blog and I know more about what is going on with me than I do most things so that is what will get the cover. Moreover, the highlight reel of Max Man just is not evolving that quickly.

Nevertheless, let me start there. He eats, he cries, he poops and he sleeps. Pretty much 2:1 to the non-sleeping parts. So now, you are all caught up. I have been on the road a little so not that many pictures were taken but there have been some. I shot about 100 in the last two days and frankly, they pretty much look alike. I will post some this weekend. For those that just cannot get enough, here is an appetizer. Goes without saying this is his first bath. Had to search for one that he had clothes on. I read the Meese report.

The sisters continue to be somewhat interested in him Z likes to put the blanket on him and insert a pacifier when he is screaming. Not sure if that is to be helpful or simply her attempts to tell him to shut up. Meghan likes to go sit next to his rocker. Sometimes she likes to point to parts (eyes, mouth, etc). Sometimes, she likes to simply tower over him. I think it is a conditional, subtle intimidation she is practicing to even things out in the future. Middle children have to stake out their claim early, I hear. Of course, her gazillion dolls do not get the same treatment. Z will start soccer at the end of the month. Yes, it hurts to write that I will be a soccer dad. At least, I don’t have a Subaru (anymore).

Okay, as I mentioned, I was on the road a little. Had one set of the grandparents in to help with the monkeys, so I figured it was a good time to try and keep the chaos from spinning too much out of control. I was off to Portland first. The work was easy. I know my way around. However, getting there was tough. Went through Dallas, since I refuse to fly through Denver. There was an unseasonable wintery mix that night. In KC, that is 90% sleet, ice and freezing rain and snow, with 10% of rain. Bad stuff. In Dallas, it was 10% snow, 90% rain but enough to freak out the lawyers and so they began to implement de-icing. This was after some delays. We sat in line for 2 hours to have some union worker named Juan spritz about 10 gallons of melt on the wings between mandated coffee breaks. I’m not being funny here – I could see the idiot outside my window just sitting there. I’ve been through de-icings and frankly, their hearts were just not in it. Not surprised given that I think they probably had to read the manual on how to use the thing. Anyway, I got into Portland just before 3am. The flight was not smooth…… and I was not a very personable sort as I wondered through the parking garage looking for my reserved AVIS piece of crap. It was eerie driving across town. Portland is not that happening (unless you count tree hugging liberal rallies and such) but I saw THREE cars on the 30 minute drive to my hotel. Reminded my of that Tom Cruise movie (Vanilla Sky). Of course, all stories have a silver lining. Well, mine wasn’t Hunt brother material but gray and it came in the form of a 6:30 conference call the next day. (yes, get the cheese). The return trip was just as nice. Four delays from Dallas to Kansas City. If they are going to screw you, just do it. Don’t tease me with a series of 45 minute delays. I hate that crap at Disney World too (different areas for lines… to make you think you are close when you are really just close to the next set of twisted lines). For all of the fault of companies like Best Buy or Walmart, when they are having a sale and people want in to get that $399 laptop, driving up, you know how long that line is and can make a value judgment on whether or not it is worth it. Note: Spending an hour in line at 4am to save maybe $100 is NOT worth it. If you are in a financial situation where $100 is worth that much to you, you should NOT be buying a $399 item (unless it is with that great “stimulus package” refund). I’m too old to do that sort of stupid thing. I’ll wait a week and find it somewhere on the internet.

I love the Internet.

Cameron’s new putter line is making its way out officially on Saturday. The length/weight combo I want will be out in April. I can wait. I have a hospital bill to pay. Not sure why Percocet and Tylenol costs $400 in the hospital for a 3 day supply when I get a two week supply from CVS for $18. And, no it was not padding the nurse’s pension plan since half the time I was there, student nurses were doing the work. Lawyers are to blame, mostly. Sorry Matt.

I was routed to an old friend’s blog recently. He was highlighting a tour he was making in Iraq, etc. as part of a comedy team (he is a comic by trade). Reading through his quick barbs of the jarheads, he posted a link to one of those surveys that helps rate your political beliefs. He was on to something – much like I have preached here – in that most Americans are stupid when it comes to going to the polls. They simply buy into the hype and packaging. They rarely do real research, instead letting idiots on MSNBC or Fox explain to them what he really happening. He view is that there should be not candidate name – just their positions on various topics. Pick your views and boom, it spits out a vote. I like this approach better than the intelligence test at entry that I had considered at one time. Of course, neither would fly given the lobbyists or the ACLU. Its’ all about the illusion… you know, if there was not spin, there would be absolutely NO movement in Washington DC. Anyway, I took this little survey and it said I was an old world democrat (not to be confused with the category, new democrat). Anyway, first, that’s bull and two, I think that is a mythical being.

I will rant right into Hillary/Barack for a moment. I think I said this before, Hillary’s machinery is second to none. Putting out some turds right before Ohio and Texas worked like magic. Old school politics. Sadly, Barack was left with his pants down, and got the receiving end of the stick. He looked like a rookie. Then, Hillary’s campaign started up with the VP notion. Brilliant. Put Barack right back in defense mode and got others thinking, yes, 2 for 1. Brass ones for sure. Don’t even get me started with the absolute lunacy of Gerry Ferroro. Hillary complains the press gives her a hard time. Well, it’s kid gloves serving Grey Poupon recently. Bill gets a pass. Gerry gets a semi pass (yeah, some negativity but not too bad considering she was a sr. advisor). Barack gets called to court about his preacher telling the flock that Bill was, well, being Bill. Remember Trent Lott? He almost got thrown out of the Senate for trying to honor Senator Thurmond. Anyway, Barack said he wanted an above board campaign. Okay, whatever. If he wants the nomination, he better go get himself a few boys that like to play in the mud since that is part of playing field and he is losing yards.

One might expect some thoughts on another Democratic Governor who has stepped out of the family values circle. Not really worth the electrons given the notoriety around Bill Clinton (oh wait, Hillary said that was “an evil right wing conspiracy”. Yeah, right. There are evil right wing conspiracies, but that wasn’t one of them). On the plus side, at least he didn’t pay $4000 for it. While I am not really sure of the going rates in KC or the rest of the country, but to quote Howie Mandell, it sounds like he made a bad deal.

By the way, we find ourselves watching this show more that we should. We each have our reasons I guess. The question is, if there were two cases left, one with $1 and one with $1,000,000, would you take the bank’s offer of $600,000?

I read the book “dream golf” on the flight back from Portland (I had the time). In a nutshell, Mike Keiser kicks ass. If you don’t know, you can go look it up.

What else… I was in Dallas this week. Flights were okay except that I think my flight attendant on the way back has to ask for the “other” box on the application when it comes to selecting gender. Not something I ever want to see or ponder, especially when I know my life is at risk at 28000 feet. Yes, I am a fat cow. I NEED to start some sort of diet/exercise program soon. Golf season is coming (sometime). Doesn’t look good. Here is a recent picture.

I’ll wrap up on the things to consume me in the near term. I have to fix the fence. No, not the part I talked about before, but the first three segments. That wind storm with the heavy rains pretty much moved the posts. I have to dig them up and pour MORE concrete in them. Yeah, fun. I also need to move a bunch of crap out of the garage and basement into a storage shed as we will likely be putting the house back on the market again. Considering I get winded going up and down the steps, that should be fun. Thankfully, one brother in law will be coming to town for the baptism and shall be recruited. Finally, we have this ridge in our living room. About a 4 inch rise in the floor. I need to go figure that out. It is closer to the center of the room than the edges so I do not think it is foundational. Of course, to figure it out, I need to take down part of the ceiling in the basement. Yeah, more fun. Whatever it is, I hope it is not expensive to fix given that we will be taking a loss on the house anyway thanks to greedy bastards (both banks and consumers). By the way, this fed policy makes no sense. We are just hurting ourselves in the long run for a hope at short term revival. No, not good.