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I’m sitting here at the Acura dealership getting service on an “interlock selenoid” thing. Not that important but it does allow you to take your car out of park (without using a screwdriver — so the convenience factor is high…).

Anyway, since people asked, here is the Britto image for our son:

December picts up tomorrow or Wednesday.

In case you were interested…

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We have narrowed the name down to THREE options.

And, decided that our son shall collect ‘dogs’.  Dinosaurs and Snoopy are an acceptable alternatives.

His room shall be primary colors with inspirations by Britto and Speed Racer.

Note: The girls rooms is an explosion of pink and pastels with accents by Kachan and all things Disney Princess… Animals involved are bears, elephants and monkeys.

Okay, no huge blogging occurred yesterday.

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Personally, given the freaking onslaught of crap that consumed the little tree, I am simply glad we survived. The POTW is the kids modeling their new pajamas (taken Christmas Eve, after they opened them). For those counting it is …. Americans wearing Japanese-style clothing made in China and purchased in Dutch St. Maartin. Who says this world isn’t flat?

So, just as not to keep the natives restless, I give thee a belated Christmas blog now (hey, no critiques, it is happening on the fly).

It was early when the pounds of catalogs arrived in the mail.
This was quickly followed by brick and mortar store sales

Then while in Phoenix, KC was met with snow and ice
We packed up the Pilot to see St. Nick dressed in green, which was nice.

Further in the week, Romo proved to be a Jessica-laden flop
No concerns for Meghan, who went to fill stinky diapers, non-stop.

Courtesy of the Postmaster, the holiday cards filtered in.
At that same time, Mackenzie started chanting “I want a doll …. AND a kitchen”

Evidenced with a dearth of great sleep, our new son proves he is active and spunky.
Fortunately, there were reinforcements, in the form of Maureen, arriving from Kentucky.

On the great Eve, toys (from China) were assembled and put into safe places
And with thanks to many, that morning, little girls met their bounty with smiles on their faces.

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It is a week and a day from the holiest of days (interestingly for both Christians and retailers). Given the frightful weather, I am a believer.

Cards have been sent and cookies baked, there is to be a better blog, but at a later date. We did not include a Christmas letter this time around, so you will have to catch up through this medium. Maybe we will have a special Christmas blog but don’t skip opening the stocking just in case it slips our minds while trying to put some toy together from China.

I am on the road again as I caught the 5:50am flight today. More sad is that I have finally reached ‘platinum’ status on AA. Sad indeed. Considering that the trip from Dallas to KC is 460 miles, that says something. I get to sit up front now; alas the planes I fly don’t have an ‘up front’. Figures.

At least we are all past the yucks. I was the only survivor and it was close. I’m no fan of puking.

On a different end of the spectrum, Z has decided that she will now wear underpants. I think she spent the all but a couple of hours in the bathroom on the first day. I suppose it is training for when she becomes a teenager.

We finally got all of the furniture moved around and both beds put up. A couple of pictures have been moved but it lacks the touch. Too pooped for artistry these days. Meghan seems to really like the bed. I assume you noticed the POTW.

The putter search has been challenging this week. Some nice items but they were outside the financially sensible realm. Maddening really given the niceness of the goods. I occasionally get caught up in the materialistic yearning programmed into us by thousand hours of TV but continue to resist. It is all so good except for the bill.

Been playing around with the iphone. I like and I don’t like. I do not plan on investing in one right now. Also passing (for now) on a new DVD player. The next one will be blu-ray. Just waiting for the price drop on my favorite brand (Panasonic). Waiting is good as it allows me to resist buying dvds too. Difficult as there are some great ones out there, none more so that Blade Runner, the Final Cut. I fear a new DVD player will come with a new TV which will come with a new house which just might come with a new summer season. That’s like forever in dog years.

Speaking of being overtly consumed with goodies, we again, supported an adopt the family program through church and also at work. When I overcome the selfish feelings of sadness, I am filled with joy knowing that what we are able to do with so very little in the big picture, is really is a great thing. Kind of makes me mad that we get all tangled up with money and such. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t plan on going commie anytime soon. I just wish everyone was able to be fully happy. Of course, I do remember times eating ‘top ramen’ after college and so I know you don’t need money to be happy (though I like having it just the same). We all need to remember this more.

Safe holidays to all.

Today we blog.

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Not much more we can do given the weather (freezing rain now coming – it is 20 degrees and still a little snow on the ground) and the health of the family. It appears that the kids have come down with something as evidenced by the puking exhibition. Of course, that has translated to the older crowd now. We are attempting to stay off the inevitable.

For those that participated in Dugan-fest 2006 at the lake, you know what we are experiencing now.

What else is new? Well my new job is a royal pain in the ass. So much needs to be done. It will either be turned around or imploded in the next six months. Not sure where my money is yet. I’ve certainly got the will, but not sure there is a way. I’ve gained almost 5 pounds since taking over. Hmmm.

Our house is officially off the market now. So nice not to have to pick up stuff. We are in the process of transferring room purposes around preparing for the next arrival and hopefully giving us some much needed peace from midnight Meghan moans. I made a headboard for each and MA has sewn up a couple of fuzzy pink throws (how American 1950s middle class of us…). Moving all of this crap has been a nightmare. Most of it is done (still need to move the daybed and a couple of chairs). Now, we have to shuffle around art on the walls, etc.

The Christmas thing is well on its way to completion. The picture cards are soon to be mailed. I think the gifts are taken care of though a visit to UPS is probably still required. Soon menu planning and cookie baking will occur. Might be one more visit to Santa. Maybe one without hysterical crying. Okay, I doubt it. In any event, I need to take some pictures. The December folder is quite light. Traveling and sickness have all contributed to the problem.

The putter search has been going okay though toned back a bit after last month’s Visa. Scotty Cameron releases two putters at the end of the year (the holiday and the My Girl). Both are limited to 750 pieces. It seems that you have to know someone that knows a Titleist rep to get them. At least, before they go onto e-bay at a 50% markup. I already have two of them (one for Mackenzie and Megan) – see the putter page for images. Should keep me sane since there is only one each year.

Not sure what else to blog about as I sit here and try to keep down the chicken and dumplings we had for dinner. Maybe bed is the best option. Hopefully, I will wake up in the morning healthy versus in the middle of the night (like Ohio). How is that for a visual?

Quick Update

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As you’ve all probably seen, November photos are up. We had a very busy November and December has been busy so far. Mick has put up lights on the house plus a little train. He got out the tree – we decorated it with the girls (Mackenzie put ornaments on, while Meghan tried to remove them).

fairy princessThe girls have been to see the Fairy Princess (an old Kansas City tradition). 

There were also visits to Santa Clause and St. Nicholas, dressed in a green robe.  Mackenzie talked about all of them prior to visiting and what she would say, then decided not to get too close to them. Meghan cried.

Mike is in town for work (no, that’s NOT him in drag on the right). The girls and I met him at Hereford House last night for a nice steak dinner (we had a showing so we had to be out of the house for a few hours). Tomorrow, he’ll be stopping by here to hang with his nieces. Mackenzie has talked about seeing “Uncle Mike” all day today.

Tomorrow is the last day our house is on the market, until we re-list in spring. This week, though, we’ll have a total of 4 showings, after a few weeks with none. Maybe spring will be a better time to sell.