What the world would become…

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Now that the legalization of pot has become a popular liberal cause and as such gained acceptance in the mass media, one has to think would would happen if it came to Texas (and not just whack states like Washington). Here is an artists rendition of such an event. Please exercise caution.



Note: the hair stylings are actually the result of Mackenzie cutting her hair short and creating this donation for others.  She is some child !

No joke

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I wanted to drop a note out there to thank everyone who has sent well wishes through cards, thoughts and of course prayers. Means a lot to me and the family even if I am not the most responsive person out there.

Number 9 !

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Really ?

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Done. And I am thankful. For the completion of the poisonings, for the resilience of many of my hair follicles, for a pretty good medical staff and of course, family and friends who have offered up their support. Now on to phase 2 and then….hopefully, nothing but clear sailing.

Seven in the jar, five more till I’m a star

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On the seventh day of hell…
My doctor gave to me, some poison for the cancer cell.

And Romo and the Cowboys played and won
Never thought that would happen given their offence looked done.

The port clot had been found to clear its way
That is great, will make my session here less today.

Blood counts with templates bounced back high
Makes me want to pop a Stella or two, my oh my.

My attitude remains a wee bit poor
But only three more months more on this side of the door.

Lunch today includes a Hot Pocket and Fritos
Fantastic, I love those little friend corn banditos.

This past week had found some challenges with FLOW
Nothing worse than being backed up but needing to go.

Luckily we had some generic ex-lax, chocolate flavor too
Kind of gross to thing about, but it sure helps bring the poo.

Now my stomach and pipes can get back to normal
Just in time to take our Christmas card formal

So hopefully this week will be without side effects and stuff
I’m doing better than most, but I’ve really had enough.

Week 6

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Yes, it is the halfway mark of this pain
Hopefully, it will be worth it all and I have lots to gain

My counts were too low again this time
They gave me just a little poison, so the effects should be sublime

I have to skip my next treatment now
Got to have platelets for the doctor to allow

Not happy about the push into Thanksgiving
Bu for the next two weeks, I should have a better standard of living

Had some bad effects including neuropathy
The physical limitations really rocked my psychology

Had more digestive issues than you want to know
Ultimately, it meant more rest and tv game shows

The hair continues to hold the line
Most of what’s left is gray and fine

The beard starting to come out too
At least there are new episodes of Duck Dynasty, yahoo.

Going to Kansas for a charity event planned long ago
Some astronauts to dine with at the Marriott chateau.

That is it for this week, sorry I was late
But the port issues and counts, sort of just had me deflate.

Week 5

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It is now week five, and I’m still alive
Going to work, taking all of the client jive.

This last session around was not so nice
But, it could be worse, I could have lice

Harder to imagine since I have less hair
Call the patent attorneys, my chemo acts like nair

With bills and kids, money has been a little lean
But I splurged and got a copy of “in flight” by Alan Bean

Got around to getting some balm for the beard
Having hair on my face and not head is just plain weird.

Mary Ann is in the car on the way to Ohio
I’m here with reruns of Duck Dynasty (and plenty of ammo)

No doubt the kids will be more than a handful
Good thing she has her family to put up with the bull.

I watch the news and see the President being a racist pig
He doesn’t care. Like Prince George, he’s a bigwig

Of course, the same stuff comes out of those two
Unfortunately, the President’s affects me and you

I hope this week, there is no neuropathy or cold hands
Doubtful though; the poison doesn’t obey my commands

The lab work today showed platelets being really low
That almost caused today’s poisoning to be a no go

Anyway, I got seven more of these on the schedule
It will be so nice to finish, it will be special.

We are at four, and I don’t want more…

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It is the start of week four
Hair loss has happened, and there will be more

Not sure when it will all be gone
Hopefully not until after the SpaceCity Con.

The kid’s vacation bible school was tainted with lice
Mary Ann really thinks this is not so nice.

I’m getting support from friends like Jill
That helps a lot along with my anti-nausea pill

I’ve got to get use to this temporary (?) hand sting
I’d happy give up this peripheral neuropathy thing

Other side effects have been minor compared to most
Surprisingly, given the poisoning of this host

At 30% complete, it seems like I’ve come so far
But it will be close to Thanksgiving until I’m out of this chemo jar

Two of Twelve

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Week number two is here and now
Expecting some weight loss, I’ve eaten like a cow.

New promotion at McD for a Quarter Pounder
Too many of those and I’ll be Animal House’ s Flounder.

Soon to be waiting for my FOLFOX chalice
Consumed over four hours, in my personal poison palace

A little angst and fatigue is surely to come
Just hoping my hands and feet don’t go numb

Hair so far is still on my face and head
Good news since skinny and bald, I’m rockin like zombie dead

For me, there has been lots of love and maybe a little fuss
All cancer beware, cause another millions cells bites the dust!

Bought some BOND movies to rip to the ipad
A half dozen 007s, gadgets, and hot girls, enough said !

A watch and wait game is afoot
Ten more sessions till cancer will get the official boot.