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Family and Friends

Jim and Jo Ann Dugan (Mary Ann's parents). They live in Ohio.

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Judy (Michael’s mother) and her husband Gene.  They live in Texas.

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Chuck (Michael’s father) and his wife Nancy.  They live in Texas.

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Renee (Michael’s sister) and Mackenzie's Godmother. A bonus collage

Matt (Mary Ann’s brother) with his wife Karla and child Mark. More is available

Mike (Mary Ann’s brother) and Mackenzie's Godfather. More is available

Maureen (Mary Ann’s sister) and Meghan's Godmother.  She coaches soccer. More is available

John (Mary Ann’s brother) and Meghan's Godfather. More is available

G-Man - MR's best friend. Lives in Oregon. Owns Applied Brain, loves a wicked game of golf, a bloodbath on the tennis court and occasional downtime at the park.

Beth - MA's best friend. She is here a couple of times and recently married. See the Wedding photos .


Jennifer - MA's other best friend. She lives in New Jersey.