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Meghan's Story

Meghan Augusta Robbins arrived on time at 7:45am, July 31, 2006 in a large, cold room at St. Luke's Hospital. Surprisingly alert, she was very reflective taking in the excitment she caused. There was little screaming -- a first in this family. You may note the interesting middle name -- it follows the tradition set with Mackenzie on all things golf (for those of you with your head in the sand, A. Mackenzie designed the Augusta National Golf Course, e.g. home of the Masters). However, the kicker is that it was also the female version of August, the middle name of Mick's grandfather. And yes, it is just a cool name.  

Like her sister Mackenzie, she had a full head of hair. Surprisingly, she sported blue eyes. Soon after her arrival she was met by her sister and grandparents.


Since some of you have asked, it has been decided that instead of bears (like Mackenzie), Meghan will have a themed room consisting of Elephants. Then again, who knows what other cute things that we will find and attribute to her.


First Birthday

I'm TWO!

I know you are after some pictures. A series of collages are available for those of you who scrapbook or are keeping a photo album. The rest of you can review images by month below: