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Maxwell's Story

Maxwell Sebastian Robbins arrived slightly late at 10:49am, February, 25th, 2008 in a surgical room at St. Luke's Hospital, welcomed by his father. He weighed in at 7 lbs and 12 oz. He was measured at 20.5 inches tall. He is sporting grayish eyes and brown hair. Given the kicking of late, you would have thought he wanted out to see the world, but he sort of seemed unimpressed. He greeted the world with minimal crying. Oh well, it was a one way trip.

For those you who have following the Robbins offspring, the name may give you some pause. Not that is it strange name but what propelled it above other proposed options like Maverick or the ever present Michael Jr (besides his mother picking it)? It does follow the convention of sharing initials… but was there a story? Why, yes… The tradition started with Mackenzie who was named after the great golf architect, Dr. Alistair MacKenzie. He designed Augusta National Golf Course (amongst others). Meghan’s middle name is of course, Augusta. This also is female variant of my grandfather’s middle name, August. Alistair was Scottish and had a US partner to help build golf courses. His name was Peter Maxwell… Okay, what about Sebastian? Well, the name was almost Maxwell Scott (after dad), but a tradition in the Catholic Church is to have the child named after a saint. Shockingly, there is neither a St. Maxwell or a St. Scott. So, researching Sebastian, we found out two things…First, he is the patron saint of soldiers (coincidentally, St. Michael, for whom his father is named, is known as the commander of God’s army) as well as Athletes. Secondly, and what sealed the deal was that Sebastian’s etymology base is Sebaste. Okay, so? Well, that is the Greek equivalent to the Latin name “Augustus”. Small world but yet a long trip for 16 letters…

If that was not a clincher, the song on the radio during the 2 minute commute to the hospital was the theme song to CaddyShack. Doesn't get any better than that.... So, the book of firsts…

  • First impressions: Quiet. Looked perfect. Didn't seem to mind the shots or the goo.
  • First pictures: here. Of course, there is a collage.
  • First visitors: Grandparents Jim and Joanne, accompanied by siblings Mackenzie and Meghan
  • First gifts: a Scotty Cameron putter and a blue baby Mickey Mouse (by dad). Sisters gave him each a small stuffed animal (Mackenzie gave him a bear dressed up like a bunny and Meghan’s presented a bear with a blue hat. Hey, they picked them out).
  • First adult beverage consumed in his honor: An Oregon-based Sokol Blosser wine named “M” (officially a Syrah, Pinot Noir and Zinfandel blend called Meditrina, IV).
  • First art: A Roberto Britto piece called “best friends.”
  • First wish of Mom: I've waiting nine months to drink some of that wine. Bring it on!


Since some of you have asked, Maxwell’s room will be themed in Britto art and Speed Racer. His animal of choice will be Dogs and Dinosaurs.

For those of you who have asked for a larger images, please find an 8x10 gallery (generally at 240dpi) here. These can range in size from 1.5 to 3.5M each. However, they will print nicely at your photo processing shop of choice (I use costco ~ $1.49 each).

Collections of photos will be monthly...