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A few Year of the Dogs ago, under the sign of Cancer, I was born in Kansas City, MO to Jim and Joanne Dugan . We lived in Westland, MI for a short stint, then onto my hometown of Cincinnati. I miss Skyline and Graeter's.

Since I was a resident of the Buckeye state, I pursued my undergraduate studies at Ohio State. After numerous major changes, I finally graduated with a degree in chemical engineering.

I spent many years traveling to work on international assignments, primarily in the semiconductor industry. Tired of the constant overseas travel, I relocated to OR in response to a job offer. After moving to the Northwest, I met Michael. We got to know each other through golf, bowling, walking, wine tasting and such. Mick made Cincinnati-style chili for one of our first dates. We are now married and have three lovely children. I collect tea pots and Alice in Wonderland stuff on the side...

I have prepared a small collage for your amusement and images will be updated on the photo gallery soon.

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