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Mackenzie's Story

Mackenzie Anne Robbins arrived almost on time at 4:19, March 23rd, 2005. Surprising to both parents, she was a very tall baby at 20 1/4 inches and weighed in on the light side (6 pounds, 11 ounces). She started out with brown eyes and a LOT of hair. She was pink and pooped a lot but no one seemed to mind.

Mackenzie was named after the great golf Architect, Dr. Alistar MacKenzie. He was Scottish and well, we are not holding that against him. The name came partially as a fluke since it popped into contention while sitting in the office thinking about names. A book on his life just happened to be staring me back in the face. Reading more, it seemed like a natural fit. He loved golf. I love golf. He designed course to give people options. I believe in giving people options. He designed the Scarlett and Gray courses at Ohio State. Mary Ann went to Ohio State. It was destined to be. the middle name was a little simpler. Both parents have a variety on Ann as their middle name, not to mention Mary Ann herself. So, it won out over Allison.

Her first gift was a small "Cherished Teddies" figurine from her dad. She also got a Disney stock certificate to start her on her way. Her first visitor was her Aunt Maureen. Her 'adopted aunt' Margaret came shortly thereafter.

Now, there is a sister too. Adjustments are being made. Of course, the 10 years of flighting one another still has a little time to begin.

Of course, until she takes up an instrument, performs some sports or is in a school play, it is pictures you want...They are here. As usual, a series of printable collages have been developed for scrapbook or photo album folks.

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A couple of very short videos from the early days (don't worry, none of the birth itself).

I'm three. Of course, she is 3 1/2 now and starting to act like a "big girl". There is Christmas 2008 too...