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Misc files of sports and some poses with new facial masks. First day of school is in there but really with the pandemic as it is, do we really know when that happened or not? Maybe next month, we will get a couple of more shots including productions runs with MacZ as a cheerleader and Meghan doing the band thing. Maybe slip one in of teacher Robbins as well. It is not like I do not have the time after loosing employment after 38 years.

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Pre and post some images for cards and other events. Yes, I occasionally use the dreaded green screen. Most of the time, I use it partially in images and then clean up in PS. Hockey is in full gear and baseball games have started. Max is a foul ball machine. There was some Confirmation images in there as well plus a couple of selfies and the dog. It was a big month for images.

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Some minor images and a happy teenager getting her permit.

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A new woodworking toy and some miscellaneous images the new adventure in the house - test driving.

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Might be the last album updated.... getting to be too hard begging the kids to take a freaking picture. Plus, as we are all on lockdown, not much is happening that suggests a picture is warranted though I personally disagree with that sentiment. If you want more, influence those you can.

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a birthday and some misc pictures I made the kids take against their will outside.

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