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It is December so that means lots and lots of Christmas related images.

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This one has a lot of ME in it... just be prepared. Of course, next month is Christmas so you will get your kid fix then.

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We got some balloons, some tee ball, some festivals, some artist sightings, some NASA visits, some zoo images and well, a whole bunch of pumpkins...

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Not a lot of images... not sure why besides I was busy making bed and going to tee ball games. So, that is what you see here. Lots of construction tidbits (in case YOU want to build a bed) and some kids in hideous orange shirts spending Saturdays out in the Texas sun. A couple of shots of Maize Days mixed in. Sorry, balloon events were mostly cancelled (due to weather).

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Lots of images... Blue Bell, NASA, Galveston, Seaworld, Kiddie Park, LBJ, first day of school and well summer time...

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Some miscellaneous images, nasa shots, lots of the circus, a little build a bear action and of course, little Meghan opening lots of gifts.

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